Apps that will do my math homework

We have different apps that can assist you in doing your mathematics homework. Most of these are updated that you feed the app with a particular problem, and it can process the answer for you. An application is also referred to as an application program or software is a computer package in software form which is set to perform a function directly for an end-user or in some circumstances for another application. The application can be self-contained or even in a group. The program now is a set of operations that runs what we call the application user. This application uses different computer operating systems and some other supporting programs. We have different types of applications depending on how they are made, the platform they run on, and whether they are proprietary or an open-source. The different kinds of application include;

  • Native application
  • Hybrid application
  • Web application.

That was basically to make you understand what an application means and their types. When it comes to handling mathematics homework, we have a different app that correctly programmed to solve problems. Some of the apps are not 100% efficient, but they play a crucial role in providing help with mathematical calculations. Let see dissect the various app that will do your math homework for you.  

Applications that will do your math homework

  • Photomath
  • I mathematics
  • My Script Calculator
  • PCalc
  • Scientific calculator
  • Graphing calculator


Photomath is an app that is available and popular mostly with IOS and Android users. It solves a mathematical problem by merely addressing the issues by making sure you settle it while you use cameras to catch them. One disadvantage of using this app is that it is not efficient when it comes to handwriting. It can recognize the Script, especially when the writing is not properly written. Photomath works perfectly when it comes to solving problems that are in the printed text. To fully utilize it, you need to work with a printed version, so if you have a handwritten kind of a problem, try to convert it into print form. Another drawback of Photomath is that while using it, you cannot be able to handle problems involving quadratic equations, calculus related questions, or functional equations. 

Apps that will do my math homework

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Photomath is well programmed to handle the basic math tasks, which are related to algebraic equations and other necessary calculations of Mathematics. When using this app, you can see the calculations result in your screen with the various steps that led to it. Some logs are present, which enables us to revisit back how we solved some multiple problems. You can use this method of checking which steps were used and apply that to your homework.

I Mathematics

It is supported by both IOS and Android devices. Mathematics is popular with many students who have used it to solve mathematics problems. The I Mathematics application allows the user to be able to learn over 71 topics in mathematics very fast by providing simple and clear instructions. Some of the features which enable the Mathematics to work efficiently are:

  1. You can repeat definitions, properties, theorems, and formulas easily.
  2. The option of practicing with different interactive calculators is available.
  3. It has a high rate of researching the current topic you are working on in your mathematics course.
  4. When you are doing your study, you are easily able to add personal notes.
  5. It has super inbuilt tools which enable you to solve some exercises. Some of the inbuilt tools include Equations Solver, Advanced Calculator, and Fraction Approximator.

 With the new version of I Mathematics app, you can

  • Access more than 120 different topics for free.
  • Have interaction with many multiple quizzes to ensure you practice adequately.
  • Have a chance of discovering step by step on the different solved examples to assist you in getting the methods correctly and be able to solve the calculations with ease.
  • Get free access to super tools like matrices solver, graphic calculator, math glossary, and system solver.
  • Ability to learn on the new tips and tricks that enhance your problem-solving capacity.

It has a drawback that you will not be able to solve any problem when you catch it using a camera. You are required to enter the data manually. This is time-consuming, especially when dealing with a large number of problems.

My Script Calculator

My Script is another application that is used in solving a mathematics homework problem. Its key features include

  1. Drag and drop; you are able to drag numbers to and from the canvas to an external app.
  2. Edit calculations; you can add new elements.
  • Automatic; you can get your conversions automatically.
  1. Write multiple calculations; you are able to write different calculations on different lines.
  2. Automatic history saves; My Script Calculator automatically collects your information. You can be able to check the previous report to solve a particular question.
  3. Export; My Script Calculator enables you to export a copy, image, or a number via standard text or drag.

Graphic Calculator

Graphics calculator has a higher rating of about five stars when it comes to solving your homework. With your Android phone, you can work out your homework using features such as currency exchanger, graphic calculations, etc.

Scientific calculator

A scientist calculator is available in Android Mobile phones. It is an app that will save your history for future reference when it comes to mathematics homework. You can solve trigonometry and logarithms problems involving using it. It is very efficient while doing your homework due to the presence of syntax highlight.

Those are several applications that will help handle your mathematics homework. They will not always give you 100 % quality or correct answers that you deserve. This creates the need for you to hire an expert who shall help ensure that your work is of quality and with the right answers. Hire one of our professional experts to realize a good score in your mathematics homework.

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