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By the date the paper is due, May 7th, we will have read Naipaul’s stories, a bunch of Brathwaite’s poems and Marshall’s novel. You may choose from any of these for the subject of your essay. I want you to think of a theme or two that the author seems to be trying to illustrate for the reader. You’ll recall we saw the texts in the wider frame of colonial conditions, gender relations, dimensions of the African diaspora in history and location, etc. Select a story or poem—if you feel you need to you can select a maximum of two—from Naipaul or Brathwaite, or the novel and make a claim for what the author seems to be trying to say and defend that claim with evidence from the text(s). The structure of the paper is pretty standard: opening paragraph where you make your claim(s), then body paragraphs where you illustrate your point(s) with specifics from the text(s), then a concluding paragraph. I don’t want you to use secondary sources. I want the observations and conclusions from your own engagement with the texts. I want everyone to send me in advance his/her thesis and what kind of evidence will be used. This way I can help you focus and avoid being overly general in your approach. If sent with enough time I’m OK reading a draft of the first paragraph or first page.