This week, the course slides and resources guide you through Communications/Information Management and Resource Management. For this assignment, we will focus on Resource Management, more specifically resource typing.

Begin by re-reading the “Identifying and Typing Resources” section of your textbook (Chapter 13 – Pages 145-147) and then respond to the discussion requirements listed below.

1. Fully describe an emergency incident that you have been personally involved in. Describe what happened and how emergency first responders played a role in the incident as it unfolded around you/others.

* NOTE: This can be something as simple as a minor traffic crash or something as major as a hurricane or wildfire.If you have not been involved in an emergency incident, use information from media reports of an incident of your choice (you will likely need to watch video coverage of a major incident such as the Pulse Nightclub Shooting or the recent incidents in London).

2, Specifically describe no less than 2 types of personnel and 2 types of equipment that played a role in the incident response, including how these resources were used in response to the incident.

3. Go to the following website >> and look up the resources that you discussed as required under section 2. (*NOTE – titles are very specific and you may have to use alternate words to describe a resource such as law enforcement or detective instead of police officer). Did the resources at your incident meet the requirements listed for that type of resource? What “type” of resource responded? Was it sufficient for the type of incident that you were involved in? If your resource is not listed, what do you think the requirements for that type of resource should be and why?

4. What benefits does resource typing provide for resource management? Why is this level of coordination and management necessary for local response to terrorism?