Politics of the 19th century America

Identify what you consider to be the three most significant political changes in the century preceding the start of World War I. To support your choices, you will need to highlight a minimum two major Western nations and two colonies during this period. In addition to outlining the changes, your descriptions should include details related to economics and the rising political conflicts associated with imperialism, politics, and society.

Be sure to include the following points in your essay:

  • An introduction that engages the reader and clearly presents the essay’s thesis and a summary of the main points that clarify your point of view.
  • Choose at least two sources from the databases in the      CSU Online Library. These sources may be eBooks or articles as long as they are academic in nature. The Academic One File and America History and      Life databases are good places to start your research.
  • The organization of the essay should clearly present points arranged logically to support the thesis.
  • The writing should be clearly organized and concise with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.

Your essay should be at least two pages in length, double-spaced, and use APA style guidelines. The title and reference pages do not count towards the minimum page length requirement.

The politics of the 19th century America.


This was the century preceding world war 1. It was marked by various political changes that affected USA and Canada (Colonists). In addition, their major Western colonial masters (England and France) were affected too. These major changes included;

· The 1800 American elections.

This was a landmark political change in American History. It was the first time that two parties of completely different ideologies peacefully transited power. The Federalist (who were pro-British) conceded victory to the Democratic-republicans (Pro-French). This victory played a major role in the nation’s association with both the French and the British.

· The 1812 war.

This was a war that brought major political changes in America. In fact, it laid a new political relationship between USA, Canada, England and France. The war came as a result of trade restrictions that Britain had put on the US ships. In addition, it was an extension of the Napoleon war (The French and the English war) in North America. Americans defiance to British orders made them to continue their trade with the French. As a result, a war that led to Americans Victory in New Orleans erupted. This made Andrew Jackson the New political Kingpin in America.

· The 1823 Monroe doctrine.

Initially, American political foreign policy was based on Isolationism. However, this changed when the landmark Monroe doctrine was enforced. This new policy outlined the Americans desire to intervene and protect other American nations from European colonization and exploitation. It came when most Latin American Nations were in the process of attaining their independence from Spain. This policy was later used to develop the nations intervention policies. This was very important in the nation’s engagement in the two world wars.