America's Opioid Crisis: Portraits of an Epidemic

Choose one of the following topics to complete. Use the link to access the video, then respond to the corresponding questions.

1.  America's Opioid Crisis: Portraits of an Epidemic

  1. Should pharmaceutical companies be blamed for causing the opioid epidemic? Why or why not? What role should they play in combating it?
  2. What role have doctors played in creating the opioid epidemic? How much should they be blamed for addicts’ struggles? How can doctors help combat the epidemic?
  3. Is using the legal system to prosecute addicts an effect means for combating the opioid epidemic? How might being incarcerated affect an addict? Should we be doing more to treat, rather than prosecute, Americans struggling with addiction? 
  4. Many Americans believe that drug use is a choice and that addicts should just use their will power to get over their addictions. How do these false beliefs affect how we treat addicts in our society? How do they contribute to prolonging the opioid epidemic? What more should we be doing to help and support Americans struggling with opioid addiction?

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