Difference between the GPA for a special education student and others

Final Project Template Comments Points Cover sheet format: Center Text Vertically and Horizontally, 1. Title of the notebook – Career and Technical Education Foundation Resource 2. Title and course number - CTE 532, Understanding the identification, assessment, counseling, and planning process for special needs populations in career and technical education. 3. Date submitted – Project Due Date 4. Instructor’s name – Vaughn E. Croft, Ed.D. Northern Arizona University 5. Your name   2. Introduction 3. Table of Contents 4. Mission of the Institution 5. Mission of the Special Education/Services for special needs populations Department 6. Individual Education Plan (IEP) process explain, the steps for you the teacher, and insert parts of an IEP form. Note this can be a large document in its entirety, so just include the first 2 or 3 pages. See #10 below, this example in #6 may not be the same as #10. https://www.azed.gov/specialeducation/forms/ 7. Institutions must comply with CTE Federal, State, and local funding requirements to serve the needs of Special Population students. Using the Institution for this final project, explain the steps they require for you the teacher to best serve those students in a CTE program. https://cms.azed.gov/home/GetDocumentFile?id=5 d4dd8103217e11450ecd01e 8. Copies of federal and state language that requires providing education and services to CTE Special Education/Needs students. https://sites.ed.gov/idea/ 9. Copies of information/resourceful information on how to best instruct Special Education/Needs students (IEP students), for each definition/classification, using those in the American Disabilities Act (ADA). https://intensiveintervention.org/search?keywords= Sample+Lessons+and+Activities 10. Using an IEP template and examples of Goals and Objectives, write an IEP for one student. This is just the teacher/instructor section.   11. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, was amended, 29 U.S.C. § 794 (Section 504). What are the changes and how does Section 504 affect a classroom teacher, including a CTE teacher? https://sites.ed.gov/idea/about-idea/ 12. Based on Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, give 3 examples of technical skills in a program’s curriculum that a CTE teacher would have to modify. 13. Using the IEP from #11, write one-lesson plan that can include 3 of the populations listed in the ADA. 14. Develop a grading scale for the IEP student in #11 and explain each part of the scale how it might be different when compared to non-IEP students. 15. Interview: Special Education teacher/Certified Support Personnel for Special Population students, 10 questions - use the following 5 and write 5 additional questions 1. Is a student’s classifications identified on the student cumulative information folder/high school diploma? 2. Is there a difference between the GPA for a special education student and a regular student and does this affect class ranking. 3. How effective is this school system in identifying students with less severe learning disabilities who need special services to succeed in school? 4. To what extent are juvenile special education students protected under the law from arrest/prosecution for illegal offenses on the school campus. 5. What information and services are available for teachers on teaching methods and learning styles   17. Appendix for mainstreamed special education students? 16. A summary page that explains your feelings and opinions on how well you feel you are prepared to instruct classes in your subject area with Special Education/Needs and IEP CTE STUDENT students enrolled in your classes.

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