Sims 4 - How to Do Homework Guide Updated in 2021

Sims 4 - How to Do Homework Guide Updated in 2021

The Sims 4 is a strategic life simulation video game that gives you total control over the life of your Sim. You get to create their look and personality and even have the freedom to make a family. When your sim family expands and have young ones when they reach their teenage years, you have to start paying more attention to their grades in school.

When thinking about gaming, homework is probably the last thing that crosses your mind. But in Sims 4, getting it right with your homework is crucial to becoming a successful scholar. It’s also fundamental with the parenting skill and could impact your Sims’ lifetime in several ways. 

Whether you’re raising a family or organizing study sessions between dormitory parties, homework skills are a must in the Sims 4 game – and there’s more to it than you can ever imagine. This detailed guide will help you complete your homework and other related tasks in Sims 4.

Why Does Sims Homework Matter?

Just like the adult Sims that they turn out to be, kids have skills to increase the play level. These include social, mental, motor, and creativity skills.

While you must increase one of these to level two for the Sim to achieve a B, it’s well worth it to take time and mix some of the skills. When you get to level ten with any childhood skill, your Sim will boost their Sims 4 homework completion rate by 70%. Maxing all for will create a 280% boost. 

Furthermore, each skill max lets you access several adult skills, giving your child an adult development head start.

How Do I Make My Child Do Homework On Sims?

It may be slightly confusing when the children in your Sims 4 family eventually reach the homework age. But learning how to do your homework perfectly is quite simple. One effective way to get it right is ensuring they do their homework every day and attend school in a great mood.

At the child or teen level, your sims will have lots of homework added into their inventory. Child sims will have an orange homework indicator in their inventory, while Sims 4 teen homework will be blue. But if you can’t trace your Sim’s assignment, you should purchase a homework book copy via the “purchase books” option that appears when you click on a bookshelf. 

From Monday to Friday, your child or teen will come home with some homework to do. You can complete it by selecting the assignment and clicking “do homework.” To complete the task in less time, let an adult click on the Sim then choose “help with homework.”

It’s also possible to boost your sim child’s daily school performance. Just click “do extra credit” after they’re done with their regular homework, which will grant a slight improvement when they go to school. But your Sim must score at least a B at school to use this option.

You can spend less time on the homework Sims 4 by getting all four child skills at level three, where you’ll have the “breeze through homework” option instead of “do homework.” If you have all these skills to level seven, it will change to the “dominate homework” option that zooms through your homework more quickly. 

How Do Sim Do Homework Sims 4 For University Level?

The Sims 4: University addition brings an entirely new homework type for your sims to perform what they have to as they work on their degree. Every day your Sim attends class, they must complete their homework before attending the course again. Doing your homework before going to your first classes will help you score an A+ at the university level.

To do your Sim’s homework, just click on their inventory, and a black and white homework book will appear. Click on it, then select the task you wish to address, and they’ll complete it.

But how do you do the university homework cheat on sims 4? Well, you have a few options to help your Sim finish their task quicker. First, you can add the study spot lot attribute to your Sim’s house. You can also grant the debate and research skills to your Sim because this can help them write term papers faster and achieve Sims 4 faster homework. 

How to Speed Up the Homework Process

Sims 4 homework comes in seven levels, and you can complete the assignments faster if your Sim’s skills stay above the level three limit. However, you should also reach for higher levels to finish the Sims 4 homework faster.

For a more enjoyable Sim 4 homework experience, ensure you focus on completing the homework and growing through the levels. For instance, once you reach level three, the “Do Homework” option will become “Breeze through homework.” On reaching level seven, the option will now become “Dominate homework.” Notably, you’ll still be on the same level even if the Sims 4 homework disappeared and you got a replacement.

Other helpful tips for faster homework completion include having a grown-up assist the Sim in question by selecting “help with homework.” This will make the entire work consume less time. You can also ensure your child sim has the four crucial skills (creativity, motor, social, and mental) at least to level three.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a comprehensive list of the common problems encountered with Sims homework and the possible solutions:

Where do I locate homework in Sims 4?

Just click on the “Homework” button and start working on it.

What should I do if I can’t find homework in Sims 4?

You’ll click on the “Purchase Books” option, and your missing homework will be replaced. Notably, this comes at a cost.

What’s the best approach to completing Sims 4 homework?

You must increase any of the four crucial skills to reach the next level and score at least a B.

Can one complete their homework faster?

Yes, it’s possible. All you need to do is choose an adult, then select the “homework help option.”

Does the homework change at different Sims 4 levels?

Yes. Once you hit level three, it will become “Breeze Through homework.” After reaching level seven, you’ll now have the “Dominate Homework” option.

Final Thoughts

Sims 4 homework, whether at the child or university level, can be challenging. Fortunately, the above tips for sims 4 how to do homework updated in 2021 will help you have an easier time and get a high score on your assignments. You can also achieve the best results by relying on our experienced assignment professionals.

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