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Technology has brought about unimaginable changes in the classroom, and the pace is not about to slow down. For example, we have moved from chalkboards to smart boards and books to iPads and smartphones. 

You can be certain that the changes will keep coming. Who knows what the classroom of 2050 will look like!

Edmentum has been a critical player in the revolution of education. Therefore, it is no surprise that many schools and instructors embrace utilizing the Edmentum platform.

Edmentum offers complimentary online educational solutions that provide web-based instruction to 14 million students in nearly 40,000 schools in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. That’s why we are here to help you get the answers you need. 

Given that you are part of a broad network of students using Edmentum, it is important to note that the assignments issued are similar given that the learning platform issues standardized assessments across the board. Let’s explore and discover more about Edmentum answers.

What Is Edmentum?  

Edmentum is a relatively new term that emerged in 2012 following the merging of PLATO Learning and Archipelago Learning. The two became Edmentum and intend to work together and redefine the 21st Century classroom.

Accordingly, Edmentum™ combines the expertise of experienced educators to offer products that make learning more impactful and purposely improve student achievement. Also, Edmentum embraces inclusivity and serves the needs of students of varying ages and abilities.

It is indisputable that education in the current 21st Century has evolved. Significant changes exist, and students can opt for physical classes or virtual learning. That reality has ensured that more people can pursue education and dare to dream for a better tomorrow.

However, online learning started decades back. How so?

The Making Of PLATO Edmentum

Online learning was a 1960 invention at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It was known as PLATO. PLATO stands for Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations. Its creation solved the growing need for greater access to high-quality education.

It was initially funded by several grants that supported science and engineering education. One of the major grants included the National Science Foundation grant. Therefore, PLATO became the first computer-assisted learning system. 

At the time, learners accessed PLATO through stand-alone computer systems. Today, you can access PLATO Courseware's high-quality, rigorous courses anytime and anywhere.

What Is The Edmentum Course Grade?

As a student, you are justifiably concerned about getting good scores. Edmentum typically displays two types of grades. Firstly, you will have a "current grade,"​ which shows the coursework completed and scored to date. The second is the "course grade." That is the overall ​grade​ based on all course activities, complete and incomplete.

In that light, if you fail to meet all the requirements for your PLATO Edmentum lesson, you will have an “incomplete” tag on your transcript. That is the case even when you have a passing current or course grade.

The “incomplete” label translates to zero credit. Therefore, while you are pursuing a good score, adhering to the Edmentum instructions will be equally valuable lest all the effort becomes a waste.

How To Get “Complete” Tag On Plato Edmentum Assessments

You will know that you have realized all requirements when all assignments in all units and folders are green. Your progress bar for the class must show 100% complete for you to earn credit. 

Also, every task in every unit and folder should show green, and your Physical Education and English courses in the drop box assignment must earn at least a 60% score.

Inarguably, your input is essential whether you decide to complete the Plato assessments by looking for answer keys or seeking help from professional tutors. 

It is wise to undertake every assignment needed and present correct Edmentum answers for your English tests. 

You cannot afford to underestimate their vitality in ensuring you earn full credit in the PLATO Edmentum courses.

Are Edmentum Tutorials Graded?

The Edmentum tutorials often ask students to complete some activity or task. It is advisable not to spend much time on these since they are not graded. You can use any learning material from the tutorials or online to help you with that. Besides, you will have multiple opportunities to complete the activity.

What Is A Passing Score On Edmentum?

You will be tested for mastery whether you are taking an English class or Geometry, Math, or Biology. Accordingly, your teacher and the system set a passing score. In this case, you will need to achieve at least 80% to ace the PLATO Edmentum homework.

Can You Copy And Paste Edmentum Answers?

The simple answer is no. Remember that the assignments are academic tasks that require a level of diligence. Accordingly, even if you get answer keys to the quizzes, it is wise to ensure that your work is free of plagiarism. 

Plagiarism is an example of academic malpractice that can have hefty penalties, and we certainly don’t want that. 

Therefore, despite the free access to some of the answer keys, don’t fall for the temptation of verbatim copying. You can talk to one of our professional tutors to ensure that you are submitting original and well-cited work.   

How To Get Edmentum Answers

If you are looking for any of the PLATO Edmentum answer keys, you are at the right place. You have several approaches at your disposal to ensure that you get the correct PLATO Edmentum answers. Here is a list of methods you can consider:   

Google Search

You can never go wrong with consulting Google whenever you are stuck with homework. Whether it is a math test or another category of PLATO Edmentum homework, you can find several helpful sites when you search on Google.

That is typically the first option for learners when taking online tests. It is a helpful method if you are stuck, perhaps with one or two Edmentum questions in your online assignment. If you are lucky, you will get great answers to the specific question you entered in the Google search.

However, getting every Edmentum answer key through random googling is often challenging.

Yahoo Answers

Did you know that Yahoo Answers is another repository of great answers? It works the same way as googling. Like on Google, you enter the question in the "search" area and find the best resource for the key or chapters you seek. 

Again, this might work like a charm, and you get the chapters and keys within Yahoo Answers. However, it would be best to watch out for unauthentic sites that either have corrupted files or redirect you to other unrelated websites.

Ask A Friend

A problem shared is half solved. If you have friends, or even family members, who are willing to help you and are knowledgeable about the test you are talking about, why not seek their help?

Their knowledge of the topic you are handling could be helpful. That way, you will save on time that you would otherwise spend on search engines to get the PLATO Edmentum answer keys.

Hire A Tutor To Help

When the suggested options don't seem to be working, you can go for the services of experienced tutors. Ace My Homework has a team of professional tutors who are always ready to help you complete any homework. 

Yes, they will even help you with the online assignment; you don't have to worry about the subject. The team encompasses professional experts for every subject covered in the lessons, and we guarantee correct PLATO Edmentum homework answers.

If you are uncertain or have questions, our support team is always available on chat. You can always inquire about the type of service you need based on your unique needs.

PLATO Algebra 2 Answers

Edmentum has a competitive Algebra 2 class that requires you to invest significant time to score highly. You are needed to take a mastery exam that will showcase your prowess in the subject

The six units under Algebra will require you to take at least two mastery tests, i.e., you take one during the semester, and another is an end-of-semester exam. You are at your disposal to try the shared Edmentum answer key solutions and see which works best for you.

Biology Edmentum Answer Key

The platform has a relatively competitive biology class the demands a great understanding and mastery of class materials.

If that’s not the case for you and you feel overwhelmed, about passing the assessment, you can chat with us at any time and we will ensure that you have all the answers for that quiz at an affordable price.   

Accessing All PLATO Edmentum Answers 

Edmentum’s core courses cover all four core subjects for every year of high school. That constitutes core courses like Algebra and Biology and specialized courses such as Financial Mathematics, Business English, and Integrated Physics and Chemistry. 

Our team of professional tutors will be ready to help with the answer keys for any of the core courses that prove to be challenging. 

If you are taking the 6–Adult ELL courses that help you improve English-language proficiency and build content knowledge that addresses the four language modalities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, you need not worry. 

We can help with that too. Our team of research writers will be keen on providing the answers you need in the shortest time.

While Math might be significantly difficult for most students, we acknowledge that you might need Edmentum answers for other categories too. 

Therefore, you are encouraged to contact us regarding the specific PLATO Edmentum answers you need, and we will sort it out.

A Final Take On Edmentum Answers

Getting the Edmentum answers and PLATO answer keys for the latest chapters might be challenging as other students or tutorial website developers have not updated them. 

However, you don't have to feel stranded on where to get Edmentum answers for any of the categories you are taking because we've got your back. Rest easy, and have our team of professional tutors work on getting those PLATO answer keys.  


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