How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay writing is one of the most demanding and challenging tasks of all students’ academic assignments. The numerous challenges multitude of students acquire during argumentative essay writing has inspired many argumentative essay writing services. Before we look at the best argumentative essay writing service, let us first exhaust the argumentative essay concept. Shall we?

Definition of an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is similar to other types of articles in the essence that it tests a student on their critical thinking capability, their creative abilities, research, and analytical skills. However, it differs from these essays in other segments, which leads us to the primary definition of the argumentative essay. Am argumentative essay is a piece of writing that tends to present arguments and counterarguments of a specific issue.

In some instances, the arguments and counterarguments may be presented in a manner whereby they are both balanced. However, the conventional approach most professors tend to ask students to follow is the one that has one side, either the arguments or counterarguments being presented more than the other. In case one is not told what approach to use, the approach one uses depends on the side he or she tends to support more.

How do I Structure my Essay

 A typical argumentative essay will follow this format:

  • The introduction

In this section, the writer must have the hook sentence, the background information of the subject of interest, and the thesis statement. The hook sentence helps in capturing the attention of the reader and drawing them to read more of the essay. The background information, on the other hand, helps the audience to familiarize with the context from which you have drawn your primary topic. The thesis statement is a sentence or two denoting your stand and the primary reason for writing the essay.

  • The body

In the body section of an argumentative essay. A writer is required to have three to five body paragraphs, clearly discussing three or five significant arguments. If you choose the three sections, ensure you have three distinct and strong cases. If you also settle for five paragraphs, ensure you have five strong points that well backed up.

  • The counterargument

It is mandatory to have a counterargument in an argumentative essay. This is if you have chosen the approach that has one presenting the arguments more than the counterarguments. In addition to stating the counterargument, ensure you also refute it, since this is not the side you were initially supporting. Do not give counterarguments that exceed the number of your arguments. It will only mean that you are supporting this side but initially stated the opposite.

  • The conclusion

In this segment, a writer is expected to re-write their thesis statement and significant points. It is also essential for a writer to give concluding remarks or state a course of action.

Features of a Good Argumentative Essay

Do you need online help on how to write your argumentative essay? Check out the essential tips you need to implement in your argumentative essay to make it stand out:

  • A clear stand

A student must take one position in their argumentative essay. It means that they are either argue for or against the subject of discussion. Ensure you pick a stand right from the word go and state it in the introduction, to notify the reader what side you have chosen.

  • Strong and accurate arguments

The convincing power required in an argumentative essay is no joke. However, it is effortless when one does their research and comes up with valid points. Genuine arguments and evidence from reliable sources help in building the essay credibility.

  • Refuted counterarguments

Remember also to have a paragraph, or two bearings rebutted counterarguments. Refuting the counterarguments shows the reader that you strongly believe that the position you chose is more significant.

Developing the Best Topics

Topic selection is one of the most underrated tasks when it comes to argumentative essay writing. Most students believe that the challenges lie in the convincing part, and not in the topic selection. However, the truth of the matter is that the topic one chooses for their argumentative essay assignment determines if they have a tough or smooth time in their writing process.

When selecting a topic for an argumentative essay assignment, a student must do the following:

  1. Choose an issue with a defined scope. For example, if they are interested in writing an essay about sexually transmitted diseases, one can set their range and result in a topic such as ‘should people with sexually transmitted diseases, such as Gonorrhea or Syphilis, be forcibly quarantined?’ Such specificity helps one to argue for or against. It now becomes easy to tackle this issue, rather when the topic was just sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. Develop the themes for these essays from relevant or alarming societal concerns. Such topics tend to be current, and most people tend always to want to know what other peoples’ opinions are in this subject.

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