100 + Best Concluding Paragraph Starters for College Essays

100 + Best Concluding Paragraph Starters for College Essays
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An essay's conclusion is as crucial as the introduction or the arguments in the body paragraphs. A good conclusion sums up the points in the body while referring to the thesis statement. It also evokes emotion and calls for action by the reader. It also prompts the reader that the essay has come to an end. So, including the best concluding paragraph starters is an effective way of ending your writing.

Good Concluding Paragraph Starters

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Back to conclusion paragraph starters; they are an essential hook that should capture your reader's attention. They should prompt the reader that the essay has come to an end. A conclusion should:

  • Give a clear-cut overview of the essay.
  • Act as a mark for the reader to highlight the strength of your arguments.
  • Emphasize the crucial evidence provided in the body paragraphs.
  • Prompt the reader to air their views and comments or contribute to the topic.

Achieving all the requirements mentioned above is only possible if you used conclusion starters for essays.

Simple Conclusion Starters 

How do you start a conclusion paragraph? If you wish to up your game in essay writing, including a conclusion starter would do more than that. These are the phrases you could use in your final paragraph:

  1. Thus
  2. Finally
  3. Surely
  4. Overall
  5. In short
  6. In brief
  7. All in all
  8. Altogether
  9. In closing
  10. Basically
  11. Eventually
  12. Ultimately
  13. On balance
  14. In a word
  15. Above all
  16. As a result
  17. As I see
  18. In conclusion
  19. To summarize
  20. I conclude that
  21. In a nutshell
  22. To put it briefly
  23. As stated above
  24. To finish with
  25. To sum it all up
  26. Cutting a long story short
  27. On the whole
  28. Given these points
  29. As shown above
  30. Based on the discussion above

Advanced Conclusion Paragraph Starters for College Students

College essays are more advanced, and in most instances, students fail to score maximumly because of making avoidable mistakes. However, simple hacks like a well-structured conclusion could help a student core highly. These are examples of conclusion sentence starters a student could use while wrapping up their essay. 

  1. In effect
  2. I agree that
  3. To review
  4. In the end
  5. I hope you
  6. In my opinion
  7. Looking back
  8. From now on
  9. In the future
  10. Without doubt
  11. As a final point
  12. In the final analysis
  13. For the most part
  14. To wrap it all up
  15. Now you know why
  16. For these reasons
  17. I recommend that
  18. The study concluded
  19. Towards this end
  20. Last but not least
  21. The time has come to
  22. The broad conclusion
  23. All things considered
  24. After all has been said
  25. You should now consider
  26. So, I have come to the conclusion that
  27. The summative conclusion is that
  28. The informative conclusion is that
  29. I hope you can now learn that
  30. I think I have shown that

General Concluding Sentence Starters

How do you start a conclusion paragraph? Regardless of your academic level, these are the concluding sentence starters you could consider using in your writing:

  1. Hence
  2. Therefore
  3. All in all
  4. To finish off
  5. On the whole
  6. My last point is
  7. It is obvious that
  8. My reflections on
  9. It strikes me that
  10. Do you realize that
  11. As evidence shows
  12. I am convinced that
  13. My final question is
  14. As I already explained
  15. My final thoughts are
  16. It seems clear to me that
  17. There must be no doubt that
  18. Based on the evidence presented
  19. The facts support the argument that
  20. So, I have come to a conclusion

Bonus Concluding Statements

Here are more ending sentence starters:

  1. Since
  2. While
  3. Although
  4. One final idea
  5. After discussing
  6. I look forward to
  7. My verdict is that
  8. My conclusions are
  9. The nexus between
  10. My final bow is that
  11. The data indicate that
  12. It is my conviction that
  13. I would like to say finally
  14. The research proves that
  15. It is worth re-examining
  16. It is my sincere belief that
  17. The summative end is that
  18. As this paper demonstrates
  19. Through this research, we learn that
  20. That was the conclusion reached

How Do You Conclude a Paragraph Example?

Here is an example of how good conclusion starters change the outlook of an essay about recycling as an environmental conservation measure.

The summative end is that recycling is a vital measure in environmental conservation. It significantly conserves raw materials and ultimately reduces the level of environmental pollution. Recycling also reduces the demand for additional resources, which cumulatively leads to a healthier and more sustainable environment. Recycling is an impactful environmental conservation measure. 

Writing a catchy and impactful conclusion is a skill that any writer or public speaker should own. Now that you have the tips on how to write a powerful end by employing these concluding paragraph starters, you should be confident about writing a powerful conclusion. However, should you experience any challenges, do not shy away from reaching out to us for help with your essay. We guarantee value for your money and the best grades.


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