How to Cheat On a Proctored Exam - Successful Tricks Used by Most Students

How to Cheat On a Proctored Exam - Successful Tricks Used by Most Students
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Cheating in an exam has always been an issue, especially for tutors and invigilators. The shift to online learning has not helped curb the vice either. Studies have revealed shocking statistics, with more than 50% of students admitting to cheating during tests without getting caught. These details on how to cheat on a proctored exam reveal the creative ways students use.

The onset of the pandemic changed the dynamics of most education systems. Most institutions resorted to online platforms to conduct classes. This also meant that they had to offer exams through the same platforms. Others resorted to enforcing proctoring software to stop students from cheating during tests. However, students are known to take advantage of the loopholes in the situation to cheat. This article focuses on the creative ways on how to cheat on a proctored exam.

How to Cheat On an Online Proctored Exam

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Back to proctored exams, these are the creative ways students use to cheat:

1. Impersonation

Impersonation has to be the most common way students use to cheat during online tests. It involves hiring someone to sit the test on your behalf. Before the test, you have to share your login details with the person sitting the test on your behalf.

The efficiency of this option depends on the proctoring software used to monitor the exam. For instance, if the software uses advanced identification features such as facial recognition, it is impossible to use impersonation as a cheating tactic.

2. Seeking Help From an Expert

This method involves seeking help from expert tutors. It involves sharing the questions and letting them do the bulk of the work while you wait to submit the answers.

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3. Advanced Gadgets and Software

This proctored exam cheating method involves using sophisticated tech gadgets and software. Gadgets such as microphones and smartwatches enable students to communicate with people outside the room during the examination. Smartwatches could also store answers to the exam.

Other students prefer to use remote software that facilitates communication with people outside the examination room. This way, they can ask for help from outside.

Screen mirroring or projecting is another way of using gadgets to cheat during a proctored test. It involves granting monitor access to a third party in the room who helps with the test.

This method is also limited to the proctoring software in use.

4. By Bypassing Security Measures

If you are looking for safe ways on how to cheat with proctorio, bypassing security measures might be the ideal step. It involves messing up with the transmission of videos to the school's system.

Most proctoring software work by capturing your activities during the test through your webcam. The software facilitates the transmission of these videos to the school's system. Other proctoring software notifies the invigilator in case of any malice.

Therefore, bypassing these videos' transmission means that the tutor or invigilator will not be able to monitor your behaviour during the test.

5. Using Undetectable Virtual Machines

If you are looking for a creative way on how to cheat on ATI proctored exams, you should consider using virtual machines. Undetectable virtual machines allow you to run two operating systems simultaneously. This way, you could use one operating system to take the exam and the other to research for answers on the internet.

Even though this looks like the safest method of cheating in a proctored exam, it is a technical process. Therefore, you should ensure you have the technical prowess to use it before sitting the test.

6. Using Programmable Calculators

Are you looking for ways on how to cheat proctorio? If so, you could consider using a programmable calculator during your test, especially when you are allowed to carry one.

A programmable scientific calculator allows you to store answers and formulae, and retrieving them is a series of clicks away.

7. Using Non-technical Approaches

This approach involves referring to your notes for answers during the exam. Since most proctoring software use the webcam to monitor your hand and eye movement during the test, you could position your book or laptop or tab on the main laptop and use them to refer for answers.

This method is possible because the textbook or laptop will be below the plane of view from the webcam's perspective. However, if you wish to employ this method, you should ensure you are confident enough not to do anything that might look suspicious. Nonetheless, if you master this method, you do not have to worry about how to cheat with proctorio.

The thought of sitting a proctored exam might sound daunting. The aforementioned methods on how to cheat on an online proctored exam highlight how easy it is. However, it is important to note that not all methods apply to any situation. The type and features of the proctoring software should dictate the method you opt for. Nonetheless, should you need your services, we are a click away.

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