Profile Essay Example: Guide to Writing a Successful Assignment

Profile Essay Example: Guide to Writing a Successful Assignment
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Writing any assignment is hectic enough, now imagine writing a profile essay as an assignment? When creating the best profile essay, you ought to have excellent academic writing skills to understand the composition in formulated areas. 

Many students may ask, how do you start a profile essay? Well, if you are an auto-biographical lover, then this kind of essay will be a walk in the park for you. However, read along to get the tips you will require to develop the best profile essay and ace your assignment.

What Is a Profile Essay

A profile essay is a type of paper that is critical in describing a person, a place of the event, or a landscape while using the APA writing style, Chicago, Havard, or ASA. 

It is a literal form of writing and aims to answer questions to identify someone or something by giving a detailed profile, giving the readers a chance of having their formed perspectives or judgment over the subject. Your assignment essay topic should contain comprehensive information to make the reader learn something new.

The descriptive text comprises of the following areas:

  • extensive characteristics of the subject, general impression;
  • signs, details;
  • the overall assessment of the issue.

What Does a Profile Essay Look Like?

As any other essay assignment, a profile essay has a defined structure that includes (introduction, central part, conclusion) of the entire presentation. The set guidelines must be adhered to while writing. 

When describing, remember not to use obscure words. Often, it gets difficult to come up with the right words. Try using a draft or discuss the comments with a friend. This way you will get the most appealing and appropriate phrases to use.

So how do you write a profile essay? Below is a step guide on how to write the best profile essay:


The beginning of an essay needs to be captivating enough to pull in readers. First, describe the relevance of the topic inform the reader why you are writing an article on the topic selected and why it is essential to write about it.

Secondly, you can start the story by indicating that this topic has been written before and why it is very informative and relevant to this day. For example, you can begin the introduction with templates such as:

  • Everyone is aware that...
  • Most probably this topic is of interest to each one of us.


After capturing your reader's minds, now the task is to reveal everything, explain what you caught on the introductory part, if need be, portray some personality, and pay attention to the appearance and the character in question. For example, the kind of girl she was, round eyes, dreamy and sultry, strict and focused look with a kind smile.

Remember to avoid monotonous and boring words when writing a descriptive topic; it is advisable to outline different ideas in paragraphs: thus showing your literacy and knowledge. This part complements the introduction. Be captivating enough to glue the reader till the end.


 The final part is as crucial as the beginning; make it as tasteful as possible. The conclusion should contain some critical words about a person or place depending on your topic.

It is vital to make the reader aware of what you were driving at; your thoughts should be well reflected in this aspect of writing, summarize all crucial parts, give recommendations and all. 

How to Start a Profile Essay

While having everything you need in mind is valuable, putting it down in a way that flows also counts. 

You need to pay attention to the following to do a phenomenon work:

  • Select your topic. Please choose a topic that you are very close with as it will show your enthusiasm and passion.
  • Have critical thinking about that place, person, or thing you intend to focus on and do some research work. Have your perspective.
  • Shape the perspective in your own thesis. Make it more than just this place or person; let it offer more.
  • Pick the right hook that works directly with the place or person in the topic.
  • The remainder of the opening paragraph can be used to discuss the topic of this essay, further leading you to your thesis.
  • Use your second paragraph to give further facts and description on your topic, use specific details to give the most.
  • Use the same step in the third and fourth paragraphs; at this point, the leaser should feel swayed by the picture you have about your topic.
  • The first sentence of the last paragraph is in use to emphasize your thesis while using new vocabulary. Connect this to the bigger picture, and voila, you have all you need.

What Should I Write My Profile Essay About?

After knowing what a profile essay is all about and what is involved in writing the right one, you will need to know which topic works for you. Writing a profile essay example on a person is not as simple as it looks.

 There are various types of topics to select when you write a profile essay:

  • Student writing profile essay
  • Expository profile essay
  • Interview profile essay
  • Celebrity crush profile essay
  • Best footballer profile essay
  • Your childhood best friend profile essay
  • Your Best sibling profile essay
  • Your Favorite Basketball player.

There are numerous topics to work with. The above are but a fraction of what you might consider.

Examples of Personality Profile Essay

 Personality involves the characters and sets of emotional patterns and behaviors that are biological and environmental in an Individual. Writing a personality profile essay requires getting a hold of the person's entire image. Check some personality traits that you can talk about in your articles:

  • Openness: Those who are more in this character tend to be adventurous and creative.
  • Conscientiousness: mostly thoughtfulness, excellent impulse control, and goal-oriented people.
  • Extraversion: these are the most talkative, have high emotional expressiveness, and are social.
  • Agreeableness: This deals with trust, loyalty, affection, and kindness.
  • Neuroticism: mainly engulfed with sadness, moodiness, and emotionally unstable individuals are most anxious.

The personality traits above are the five main ones you could consider while writing a personality essay example.

This is just a snippet of how writing a successful assignment on profile essay is all about; take advantage of our writing skills if you want help in getting any academic work done. We pride ourselves in giving the best as we have standby professional writers ready at the click of a button. 

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