The Best Words to Start a Conclusion - Definition, Example, Starters

The Best Words to Start a Conclusion - Definition, Example, Starters
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How you end an essay or speech is as important as introducing a topic and capturing the reader's or listener's attention. Therefore, you ought to pay as much attention to your conclusion paragraph. The perfect conclusion should prompt the reader or listener that the content is drawing to a close. This article expounds on the best words to start a conclusion. 

A conclusion is the final part of your essay or speech. It summarizes the arguments in the body paragraphs. A good conclusion should restate the thesis statement, summarize all the arguments, and give the central idea. Your thoughts should reinforce the main idea and have an emotional appeal that resonates with your readers. 

What Is a Good Starting Conclusion Sentence?

A conclusion starter is a few words that introduce the first sentence of the final paragraph. It changes the tone of the writing, prompting the reader to know that you have come to an end. It also makes them know that you will not provide any more new information. 

A good conclusion starter should also set the reader's expectations of how the writing is being drawn to a close. 

Essay Conclusion Phrases

When writing an essay, you should not end it abruptly. The perfect conclusion should include conclusion words prompting the reader that you have exhausted all your points. It should also help them tune their thinking into the call for action. 

These are some of the words to start a conclusion paragraph you could use while winding up on your essay:

  • Thus
  • Overall
  • Finally
  • Ultimately
  • In a word
  • Nevertheless
  • To conclude
  • On the whole
  • In summary
  • In general
  • In drawing to a close
  • In the final analysis
  • In light of this information
  • Now that you know
  • With all this in mind
  • Upon considering all the facts
  • The logical conclusion seems to be
  • When faced with the question of
  • What other conclusion can we draw from
  • What else can we conclude but that
  • Upon considering the situation form multiple perspectives

How Do You Begin a Conclusion?

Now that you have a glimpse of how to start a conclusion, it is paramount that you know what not to do at the beginning of your conclusion paragraph. These are the tips you should bear in mind when writing the conclusion paragraph of your essay:

1. Avoid starting your conclusion paraph with phrases to conclude an essay like "in summary" or "in conclusion". Even though these are some of the recommended conclusion words, they are better used within the body of your paragraph and not at the starting point.

2. Avoid introducing new ideas and arguments. The conclusion paragraph sums up all the points mentioned within the essay's body. 

3. Avoid introducing new evidence. It is ineffective to introduce new evidence in the conclusion paragraph. Ensure to have the evidence to support the claims within the essay's body.

4. Avoid apologizing for your perspective. Some essays require you to tackle the problem statement depending on your perspective. Therefore, you should be confident in your arguments. Avoid phrases such as "in my opinion", "I am no expert, but this evidence..."

5. Do not make your conclusion paragraph too long or too short. The length of the paragraph should be relative to the length of the rest of the essay. For instance, if your essay is ten pages long, your conclusion should account for one page. 

How to End an Essay

These are the tips you should consider when writing a strong conclusion that will leave the reader with a lasting impression:

1. Include a Topic Sentence

The conclusion paragraph should always include the topic sentence. Restating it is an effective way of reminding the reader of the main argument.

2. Refer to the Introductory Paragraph

The details of the conclusion should reinforce the points made in the introduction paragraph. Package your points to highlight your final impression of the thesis statement. However, you should be careful not to rewrite the arguments as they are in the introduction paragraph. 

3. Summarize the Main Ideas

In most cases, academic papers are lengthy; hence, the reader is likely to lose track of the thesis statement or the topic sentence. Therefore, the conclusion should sum up the main points highlighted in the body paragraphs to remind the reader what the essay is about. However, you should be careful to highlight the key points and evidence only.

4. Appeal to the Reader’s Emotions

A good conclusion should use sensory or emotional language to create a powerful and lasting image. It is also an excellent way for reinforcing your key points.

5. Include a Closing Sentence

Your concluding sentence should wrap up all the details in the essay. You should also write your final point succinctly. It should also provide closure about the topic.

What Is an Example of a Conclusion?

A strong conclusion is vital in closing any writing. Here is an example of the conclusion of an article about recycling. 

Recycling is an essential method of conserving the environment. It reduces the need to collect new raw materials. It also saves resources and keeps usable materials out of landfills. Recycling is an environmentally friendly process since it reduces our carbon footprint by giving items other uses before they are rendered a waste. Recycling decreases the demand for additional resources, which ultimately lowers the amount of pollutants and toxic chemicals released into the air. The less the amount of waste that gets buried in the ground, incinerated or released into the ocean, the safer, healthier and more stable the environment will be. In light of this information, recycling is part of a much-needed effort to counter climate change since it is a crucial part that will make a significant difference. 

These details have tackled the definition of conclusion starters, dos and don'ts of using them and the best words to start a conclusion. A strong conclusion is significant in determining the overall performance of your essay.

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