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Delta math is a guided, adaptive environment that provides personalized instruction to help students develop a strong understanding of core concepts. Through a combination of algorithmic flexibility and incredible attention to detail, students receive feedback at every step in the process.

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What is Delta Math?

Delta math is a learning platform that has more than one million students worldwide and is intended to help them practice computational fluency, apply mathematical reasoning, and be college and career ready. Delta Math uses an intuitive, fast-paced adaptive interface of multiple-choice problems with specific hints and direct feedback that compare your answers to the correct answers.

Delta math gives the ability to use reports to track the success of each individual student as well as the entire class. It can be used to create more complex lessons with multiple assignments, including classical activities.

How to register for delta math accounts

A unique teacher code is required to create a student account on DeltaMath. Please speak with your math teacher to obtain a teacher code.Log into your Classlink teacher account. Click on the math application. Choose "sign up for an individual account." Fill out the appropriate fields and click submit at the bottom of the screen. Check your email for a verification message from Delta Math. Follow the instructions to finish setting up your account!

How to find answers for delta math concepts

Unlimited math practice

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Understand the Delta Math concepts

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Examples of Delta Math problems

Delta math problems are designed to be similar to the type of questions students will see on advanced math tests. We can help prepare your student for calculus, college algebra, and other math classes. Delta Math covers over 80 topics, including linear equations and inequalities, exponent rules, slope-intercept form, absolute value equations, functions, decimal operations, and more.

Delta Math covers math topics that your students will see in their homework and assessments at school. The math curriculum is based on the Common Core State Standards, but many concepts are also included from the NCTM and AAAM standards as well. Delta Math is intended to be supplemental to your class, including topics from every grade level, starting in 6th grade. Here are samples of Delta Math problems

Delta math problems

Delta Math Test Correction Assignments

Every Delta Math "Test Correction" Assignment begins with reviewing the standards associated with that test. All students have to do is complete the practice problems, show their work, and self-score their practice. Delta Math will automatically generate a report card indicating areas where the student needs additional assistance. This permits both the student and teacher to focus future efforts on areas where the most improvement is needed.

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Frequently asked questions

What grade levels does Delta Math support?

Delta Math is a supplemental math program for grades 6-12.

What is delta Math?

Delta Math is a fun and intuitive online learning system that gives teachers and students everything needed for One-to-One classrooms.

How do you solve Delta in Math?

Delta is the change in two quantities, and solving deltas means changing back to the form the quantities were before. It is used to solve equations where the relation includes quadratic terms and finds their roots. Delta is an essential math concept and is widely used in solving other relations.

Can delta Math detect cheating?

Delta Math is a scalable tool that increases student engagement and safety. With features such as question-level randomization, optional proctoring, and the ability to turn off screen capture, Delta Math can significantly reduce on-screen cheating in high-stakes tests. However, students have been known to find creative ways around these measures. For more information on this, check out this article on Common Cheating Tricks by Students - How to Cheat On a Math Test Like a Pro.

How do inspect answers on Delta math?

Delta Math's inspect answers tool provides a detailed assessment of each student on any class assignment.

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