Common Cheating Tricks by Students - How to Cheat On a Math Test Like a Pro

Common Cheating Tricks by Students - How to Cheat On a Math Test Like a Pro

Math is not every student's favourite subject. Unlike other subjects, it requires you to master and understand a principle before tackling a question. This is the part that most students dread the most, especially since the subject has endless concepts, principles and formulae. So, these well-kept secrets on how to cheat on a Math test like a pro could be the only way out of this situation.

Students cheat in exams for valid reasons, like being too overwhelmed to prepare for the test. Others cheat because they are too lazy to prepare. Regardless of your reasons, this article addresses and unpacks the different ways on how to cheat on a Math test like a pro. Even though we do not promote cheating in an examination, you might need this information at one point.

How Can I Cheat On a Test Without Getting Caught?

Unlike most subjects where you can cram hours before the exam and score highly, Maths is slightly demanding. It is not the subject you expect to scheme through and tackle questions during the test. It requires you to prepare adequately.

How to Cheat in Math

If you opt to cheat, you should have understood the concept or familiarize yourself with the concept and formulae. Being informed on the principle in question will guide you on how to apply the formula.

Meanwhile, these are the different ways you could employ to cheat in your Math test:

1. Seek Expert Help

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Back to ways on how to cheat in Math, hiring an expert tutor to sit the test on your behalf is one of the most reliable ways. It works best for online exams, and it involves sharing your login details with the expert who sits the test on your behalf.

2. Impersonating

Impersonating is another reliable way of cheating on a Math test. It involves getting a friend or family member to sit the examination on your behalf. This trick is also perfected for an online test that is not proctored.

3. Using a Programmable Calculator

You must have caught the wind on how to cheat on a Math test using a calculator. This is one of the safest methods of cheating in your test. It involves storing formulae and examples in your programmable scientific calculator.

You could access the formulae and answers during the examination without drawing unnecessary attention.

4. Using a Cheat Sheet

Unlike other subjects, cheating during a Math test is tasking and more demanding. It requires you to understand how to apply the expressions and procedures involved. Therefore, you could draft a cheat sheet with the formulae and how it is interpreted.

You could have the cheat sheet as a small piece of paper that you could access during the test without drawing any suspicion. Alternatively, you could write the formulae on the palm of your hand. So, if you are looking for ways on how to cheat on the Accuplacer Math test, using a cheat sheet is the way to go.

5. Using Your Smartphone

If you are looking for ways on how cheat in geometry, using your smartphone would be the ideal way. Geometry is slightly technical and requires you to follow steps while answering the question.

Nonetheless, if you opt to use your smartphone during the test, you should be careful not to get caught.

6. Using Applications

Unlike most subjects, Mathematics apps could come in handy during a test. An application like PhotoMath could help you solve the problem immediately. The process is as simple as taking a picture of the equation or typing the equation on the app, and it solves it for you by highlighting the steps followed to get to the answer.

7. Asking the Person Sitting Next to You

If you are physically taking the exams, you could tap your neighbour or student seated next to you to confirm the answer to the question. However, you should be careful not to get caught while doing so.

How Do You Cheat On a Math Zoom Test?

A zoom test is an example of a proctored test. This means that it is an online test whose invigilation involves using proctoring software to examine the student's behaviour during the test. Therefore, most cheating methods might not be applicable. However, using a programmable scientific calculator to store formulae could help during this test.

How Do You Get a 100 on a Math Test?

Scoring 100 on a Math test is not as easy. It involves weeks of preparing for the test by mastering the concepts and tackling as many examples as possible. Adequately preparing for the exam plays a key role in how well you will remember formulae and their application.

What Happens if You Cheat On a Math Test?

Cheating on a Math test is risky since the tutor might catch you if you are not careful enough. However, if you prepared adequately, there is a high likelihood you will not have a hard time substituting values into your equations and formulae.

Mathematics is not everyone's best subject. However, since it forms the basis for most courses, it is paramount to score highly in the subject. This article highlights the creative ways on how to cheat on a Math test. This article is meant for informational purposes. However, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need our services. We are one click away!

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