How to Write a Good Thesis Statement

What Is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is typically a sentence or two that help the reader in determining the primary research question you will be discussing in your paper. Sounds easy, right? Thesis statement writing might sound straightforward since you only need to tell the reader what your central point of discussion is. However, it is rather tricky. It is tricky because in most cases, students tend to be wordy or fail to acknowledge their central research question. 

Why Students Need Thesis Statement Writing Help

Have you ever read an introductory paragraph of an argumentative paper, creative essay, persuasive writing, or any other paper and wondered, ‘what is this talking about?’ If so, then it means that the writer did not hit the target with their thesis statement. Thesis statement writing is not every student’s cup of tea and here is why:

  1. Most students lack the primary skills in developing research questions. Every writer has a weak point. A writer who does not know how to create specific and concise research questions will automatically generate a weak thesis statement. Such lack of familiarity with thesis statement writing makes one seek online thesis statement writing help.
  2. Majority of the students are not familiar with thesis statements. Students who do not know how to structure their work may encounter multiple challenges when asked to write a thesis statement. Rather than face these troubles, most of them seek to either hire a thesis statement expert or seek their online thesis statement writing help.
  3. Some students are wordy and vague with their thesis statements. Again, students may seek thesis statement writing help because they are not conversant with developing clear and precise statements. 

Tips for Writing a Good Thesis Statement

If you want thesis statement writing help that can help you write a good thesis statement by yourself, then check out these tips.

  1. Understand what your paper is talking about. A thesis statement summarizes your entire article in one or two lines. You cannot give this summary if you have no clue regarding your work. So, first, go through your paper a couple of times. After you are done reading, ask yourself each time, ‘what is this paper talking about?’ The answer to this question is, in most cases, your central issue, which should be reflected in the thesis statement.
  2. Summarize the main discussions in one or two sentences. As stated earlier, a thesis statement is just a lie or two trying to inform the reader on the reason for writing that particular paper. Now, this is not the time for you to support your argument or research question. Leave the arguments, evidence, and counterarguments for the body section.
  3. Ensure the statement is clear. Do not beat around the bush. Similarly, do not use complex terminology since it may make your audience to misinterpret your research question. 
  4. Write the thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Since you are telling the reader what to expect of your paper, there is no way this statement can appear in the conclusion or the body. It has to be in the opening paragraph. In most cases, the thesis statement is usually the last one or two sentences in the introductory paragraph.
  5. Be logical. Sometimes, a student may know what and how to write their thesis statement, but instead, twist it with the assumption that the exciting element will captivate the audience. Listen, the role of this statement is to alert the reader on what to expect in the paper. What draws the reader to your work and captures their attention is the hook sentence and not the thesis statement. So be logical and present only the facts that portray your central discussions. 
  6. Let your thesis statement take some stand. Your thesis needs to reveal the conclusions you have drawn pertaining to the area of interest you have chosen. In most cases, students fail to tell their audience what their stand was in the thesis. It is effortless to include your position in the argument. For example, if your paper discusses the effects of implants, you can include a stand such as, ‘there are both positive and negative impacts of implants.’

Seek Thesis Statement Writing Help

Several factors need to be considered if one wants to write a good thesis statement. These include the length, the context, and even the positioning. All the factors can be overwhelming for a student, especially one who is new to thesis statement writing. To ensure you are not stressed about developing a thesis statement for your paper, Acemyhomework is allowing students to seek the online thesis writing help of its thesis statement writing experts. They are skilled, creative, and critical thinkers. Thus, if you want an original and well-analyzed thesis statement, click on the order button below.

How Students Benefit from online help

There are a couple of ways that students get to benefit from the thesis writing help they acquire from our site. These include:

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