Research Paper

A research paper is a piece of academic work that you research and write about, in a specific topic. In your academic life, you will be asked to write one at some point. The paper must be original work and therefore, to come up with the best, you should research deeply about the subject and come up with facts to include in your paper.

Writing a good paper comes with specific rules. Every writer must follow the rules and ensure the paper meets the required standards. Because of the regulations attached to research paper writing, not every student can do it. To write effectively and credibly, you have to learn the steps and do's and don'ts.

Guide to write a research paper

This is an overwhelming process! Most students do not take every step of the process seriously, and thus they end up writing poor papers. In academic writing, small mistakes can lead to poor grades. Therefore, ensure you don't overlook anything. Here is a guide:

  1. You should research thoroughly on the topic. Whether you are supposed to choose a topic or you ar5e given a topic to write on, you need to ensure that you properly. You should collect information from different sources then read and evaluate it.
  2. Write your thesis statement. It gives the reader the main idea of your work. In some cases, a thesis statement may not be necessary; you, therefore, need to consult with your institution.
  3. Outline your work. An outline is the overall structure of your writing. It helps you to organize your ideas well.
  4. You should then organize your ideas. Start with the most critical points and make the less important points to come last. Your points should appear in the same order when you write your final draft.
  5. Write your first draft and revise it. You should put down all your ideas in the order that you organized them but this time summarizing or paraphrasing them in a few words. Revise it and check for errors then correct them.
  6. Type the final draft. You need to type and print the final draft then make sure it meets all the requirements set out by your institution.

Do's and don'ts 

A research paper should communicate in a way that intrigues the reader. The paper should be one that commands attention and also displays credible writing. There are things that you should include in your witting and others that you must avoid. Understanding these things will help you to come up with well-written paper. Read the dos and don'ts below.

  • Do research extensively. The amount of research you put in your work determines the final output. To produce a quality paper, you must research thoroughly on the topic and come up with facts.
  • Don't write at the last minute. Starting late affects the quality of your paper. If you want to write a paper that meets the standards of good academic writing, start writing early enough.
  • Do learn the requirements of writing. There are different parts of a research paper. Each of them has its own rules that you should follow to ensure that the whole paper is well written.
  • Don't be wordy. If you use lengthy phrases in your work, you may end up with a poorly written paper. Every piece of academic writing should have short, straightforward sentences.
  • Do follow a specific style. As you know, there are different writing styles in academic writing. When writing your papers, you should choose one style and stick to it throughout the paper.
  • Don't forget to edit your work. After writing your paper, it may contain a few typing errors and grammar mistakes. You need to proofread and edit it properly to make sure it is error-free.

Reasons why your research paper may face rejection

In academic writing, rejection is a common thing. It may be demotivating at times because of the amount of time, and research one puts into it. Therefore, you should do your best to minimize the chances of rejection. In this section, we compile a list of the possible reasons why your paper face rejection.

  1. The paper doesn't conform to the writing style of your institution. You should ensure your work meets the requirements of your institution. The writing style is one of the essential things you ought to follow.
  2. Your paper may be incomprehensible. Sometimes you may end up using inappropriate language that does not meet the requirements of correct English, which may lead to rejection of your paper.
  3. If you lack supporting evidence in your paper, your ideas may not sound genuine. For every point in your writing, you should always back it with facts from your research.
  4. Your paper may face rejection if you violate research ethics. In academic writing, using someone's work as your own is a crime and a violation of research ethics. It may lead to rejection of your paper.

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