100+ Top Economics Research Paper Topics and Ideas 2021

100+ Top Economics Research Paper Topics and Ideas 2021

100+ Top Economics Research Paper Topics and Ideas 2021

Most students pursuing economics studies find choosing the best economic research paper topics daunting. Economics focuses on studying scarcity and its effects on the use of resources, growth of production, and welfare over time. These ideas tackle the topic from different angles and could be explored when writing research papers.

What Are Some Economics Topics?

How do I find research topics in economics? Choosing the best topic determines the scope of your research paper and overall score. So, this list provides a wide array of options to choose from for your essay. 

Microeconomics Research Paper Topics

Microeconomics deals with the study of trading at an individual level, and it focuses on the basics of demand and supply. These are the simple economic research paper topics to consider in this category:

  1. Causes and consequences of inflation.
  2. How does the stock market operate?
  3. What is perfect competition in microeconomics?
  4. Explain product cost and profit.
  5. How does unemployment affect microeconomics?
  6. How does competition influence the price?
  7. Aggregate demand and supply in microeconomics.
  8. Explain opportunity cost from a microeconomics perspective.
  9. Explain competition and market concepts.
  10. Explain the balance between demand and supply in microeconomics.

Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

Macroeconomics deals with the study of the overall economy. Macroeconomics attempts to understand the economy, determine the forces that drive it and determine how performance can improve. These economics research paper topics will provide ideas of what to base your paper on:

  1. Explain global recession and the factors the contribute to it.
  2. What is the impact of government expenditure on a country's economic growth?
  3. Explain the relationship between inflation and the government's expenditure.
  4. Explain the relationship between internet connectivity and productivity at the workplace.
  5. What is the relationship between unemployment and regional mobility of labour in your country?
  6. The evolution of the stock market in your country.
  7. Draw a comparison between unemployment in the United States and the rest of the world.
  8. The impact of company income tax revenue on developing economies.
  9. The effect of currency devaluation on small and medium firms.
  10. The relationship between common stock prices and inflation in your country.

Interesting Behavioral Economics Research Topics

Behaviour is a significant factor in explaining the elements of economics. So, these are the best behavioural economics research topics you could consider: 

  1. Explain the relationship between buying capacity and gender.
  2. How does race relate to economic power?
  3. Explain the per household economic analysis.
  4. What does the economy of trust mean?
  5. Explain the impact of economic stability on the social life of a person.
  6. How does the brain change when a person is striking a great deal?
  7. Does money make most people happy?
  8. How can Uber be described as an aspect of the economy of trust?
  9. Explain the useful human insights that are missing in big data and how this affects the economy.
  10. Why financial wellbeing makes most people happy.

Health Economics Research Topics

The health of citizens influences a country's economy. Health economics topics could include: 

  1. Is world hunger affected by economics?
  2. Is health insurance important?
  3. How does the outbreak of disease affect a country's economy?
  4. Explain the economics of the pharmaceutical industry,
  5. How can public hospitals optimize revenue collection?
  6. How do chronic diseases affect the workforce and the economy?
  7. How does the concept of competition work in the pharmaceutical world?
  8. Explain the concept of an unhealthy country translating into a developing country.
  9. How did the ban on smoking affect the economy?
  10. How is free healthcare justified in the U.S?

Environmental Economics Research Topics

The environment also plays a direct role in a country's economy and status. Here are some of the topics to consider in this category:

  1. How does wildlife protection affect the economy?
  2. How do technological advancements affect economic growth?
  3. How do greenhouses affect economic growth?
  4. Why is it important to analyze the economics of drinking clean water?
  5. Cost-benefit analysis of the regulation of the environment.
  6. Is waste management a rare resource?
  7. Explain the potential in the energy markets.
  8. How does global warming affect economic growth?
  9. Give a detailed analysis of the European Union Emission Trading System.
  10. Explain the evolution of economic institutions concerning climate change.

Undergraduates Economics Topics for Research

If you are looking for economics research topics for undergraduates, these are some of the ideas you could explore: 

  1. How do banks set the exchange rate?
  2. What is economic forecasting?
  3. Why are some resources rare?
  4. How can you attain profit maximization?
  5. What are the pros and cons of privatization.
  6. Describe the three opportunity costs.
  7. Explain the major ethical rules in an economy.
  8. How are the economies of both sides of a conflict affected by war?
  9. What you should know about fiscal policy.
  10. How to conduct a cost-benefit analysis on your preferred action.

Research Topics on International Trade

You could discuss international trade through any of these topics:

  1. The importance of international trade in developing countries.
  2. Explain the relationship between economic growth and international trade.
  3. Explain the effects of the banana crisis on the Jamaican and British economies.
  4. Explain the impact of Brexit on small and middle businesses in the UK.
  5. What are the pros and cons of international trade for developing countries?
  6. How does a currency union affect trade?
  7. Explain the relationship between foreign direct investment and wages- A comparative analysis of the USA and China.
  8. What are the roles of exchange rate and exchange rate regime in the US export?
  9. Foreign direct investment in the United States: Determinants and impact.
  10. To what extent are the gains of less developed countries from trade liberalization exaggerated?

Development Economics Research Paper Topics

You could focus your research paper on development by considering any of these topics:

  1. Is there a relationship between family planning, labour force, and income fluctuations?
  2. Investigate the relationship between migration and the economies of developing countries.
  3. Explain the impact of natural disasters on development in emerging economies.
  4. Describe the effect of globalization on income distribution in emerging economies.
  5. Explain the impact of population growth on development economics.
  6. Compare the economic patterns of villages across Virginia.
  7. Review the economic growth of developing countries.
  8. What is the result of international commodity trading from the economic perspective?
  9. Explain the budgeting and decision-making process by low-income earners in developing countries.
  10. What are the determinants of high performing institutions in emerging economies?

Economic Research Paper Topics and Ideas for Bachelor’s Thesis

What are some good economic research topics? If you are writing your Bachelor's thesis and are looking for topics to explore, you could consider any of these:

  1. What is globalization, and what are its impacts on business worldwide?
  2. How is a decline in the employment rate the biggest challenge in the American economy?
  3. What are the economic risks of investing in Turkey?
  4. What are the causes and solutions to unemployment in Great Britain?
  5. Describe the new electronic payment services in Russia.
  6. Describe the new economic order after COVID-19.
  7. Describe the stability of the banking sector in China.
  8. Explain the economic challenges of investing in Africa.
  9. Describe the impact of sports marketing and advertising on consumers.
  10. How is the decline in employment rates the most significant economic challenge in African countries?

Economic Research Paper Topics and Ideas for Masters Thesis

What are project topics in economics? These are the ideas you could explore when writing your Master's thesis:

  1. Explain the relationship between economic growth and international development.
  2. What is the impact of visual aid in teaching home economics?
  3. Describe the effect of the use of incentives in behavioural economics.
  4. Explain the effects of income changes in consumer behaviours in America.
  5. Explain the economics of nuclear power plants.
  6. Explain the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation in the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa.
  7. Explain the effect of natural disasters on economic development in Asia.
  8. Describe the impact of multinational firms on economic growth in America.
  9. Explain the financial consequences of terrorism.
  10. Explain the economic opportunities and challenges of sustainable communities.

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