Accounting Essay Guide 2021: Topics, Questions, Outline, Examples

Accounting Essay Guide 2021: Topics, Questions, Outline, Examples

Technology has changed the role of accounting, and computers do the bulk of the work that was considered "accounting." As a result, most accounting professionals devote their time to documenting research projects, analyzing the data collected, and outlining the procedures they performed. Therefore, written communication is vital in the field, and this accounting essay guide outlines how to communicate effectively in your final document.

An accounting essay should answer the prompt or question effectively. It also reflects how well you understand your course material and your research on the topic in question. The paper should also reveal how analytical you were when choosing your evidence and evaluating the material you used. 

Accounting Homework Outline

Before delving into details, following these steps is fundamental in determining the contents of your writing.

1. Analyze Your Prompt

If the instructor provided the essay prompt, you should analyze it to understand what it requires. If they offered you the liberty to choose a prompt, you should take time to research and come up with the best essay prompt, preferably one that you are confident to tackle. 

2. Do the Research and Gather Information

After choosing your topic, you should research since your thesis statement, arguments, and points rely on the research. This information is available in catalogues and notes from your lecturer. You could also source information from the internet. Researching before writing your essay allows you to understand the topic better.

3. Write a Draft of Your Essay

After extensively conducting your research, you should come up with a draft of your essay. The draft will help you determine how to frame your arguments and the contents of your writings. 

4. Proofread Your Work

Using the draft, you can finally write your accounting essay. After you are done, ensure to proofread it to ensure you do not have any errors and your work is flawless.

Accounting Essay Guide 2021

The fundamental steps break into bits how you could lessen your work and make your accounting essay writing experience fun. So, how do you structure your accounting essay? These are the components of your paper:

1. Introduction

The introduction of the accounting essay should start with more general points and end with specific ones. The length of the introduction depends on the word limit of the paper. In most cases, the introduction accounts for about 10 to 20% of the total length of the essay. 

It is important to note that the introduction determines whether your reader will read the rest of your essay. Therefore, you should ensure to make it interesting enough to capture the reader's attention by presenting the specific subject of your essay and explaining its significance. 

The introduction should also include the thesis statement and a brief description of what you intend to argue. 

2. Body

The body should contain your arguments. Your paragraphs should be linked and presented logically and coherently. The body should include the results of your research, relevant examples, authoritative quotes and convincing evidence. If the prompt of your accounting essay has more than one part, you should answer each of the parts in separate paragraphs. 

3. Conclusion

The conclusion should highlight a summary of the critical moments of your argument. It should also create a feeling of closing or winding up on the discussion by providing a broad statement about the future implications and give recommendations about future research directions.

4. Reference List

Any academic essay requires the writer to provide references to all the works cited in the paper. Since an accounting essay entails evaluating and analyzing research done by other writers, you have to give credit to their work. Organize your references according to the style specified by your instructor. 

Accounting Essay Topics and Questions

The guide and steps highlight how simple it is to tackle your accounting essay questions. However, should you encounter a case where the instructor does not specify the prompt; these are some of the topics you could consider:

  1. What is the place of academic level in accounting management?
  2. The role of the financial manager in checking accounting books
  3. Is technology the solution to accounting discrepancies?
  4. How often should a company review its balance sheet?
  5. Why the accounting management team determines the productivity of a company
  6. Accounting diploma holders are more practical than their degree counterparts.
  7. How the number of human resources determines a company’s success
  8. Why small and medium companies should outsource accounting services
  9. Why auditing is essential for any accounting company
  10. Ways of preventing debt accumulation in a struggling company

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