Excellent Guide for Writing Commemorative Speech Topics |100+ Topic Ideas

Excellent Guide for Writing Commemorative Speech Topics |100+ Topic Ideas
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Every event, be it a graduation, wedding, retirement, or even opening a new building, will have a commemorative speech, also known as ceremonial speech. Often the speech has to be memorable and ideal to the occasion. That is why you must use the right words the first time you stand in front of the audience. However, not everyone has mastered the art of writing good speeches. In fact, for most people, the nerve-wracking part is coming up with ceremonial speech topics. 
But what is a good commemorative speech topic? It should suit the occasion and show respect and gratitude. So to choose a good topic, you must first understand the purpose of the event and the intended audience. For example, the commemorative speech topics for a funeral will aim to wish peace to the departed soul, while for an LGBTQ event is to inspire. 

What Makes a Commemorative Speech Important?

It aims to communicate important information clearly and in a memorable way. A commemorative speech will inspire, express feelings, give hope or even boost the motivation of the listeners.

What is an example of a commemorative speech?

The most popular examples of commemorative speeches are speeches presented in graduations, award acceptance, and a wedding toast. They can also be given at retirement parties, paying homage to an institution or a eulogy to honor someone who has died. 

Listening to Martin Luther, Barack Obama, and other renowned leaders give commemorative speeches will provide you with a good example of what values or informative words to include that society holds dear. 

Remember, language plays a huge role in executing a good speech. Plus, illustrations, stories, and figurative language ensure the audience shares your experience.
Having trouble coming up with good commemorative speech topics? Here is a comprehensive list.

Commemorative Speech Topics For College

  1. Paying tribute to one of the best professors on campus
  2. Tribute to a nurturing mentor who is also a professor in your school
  3. Future challenges in the world of education for the students
  4. Remembering the legacy and contributions of Nelson Mandela
  5. Remember the self-sacrifices made by your parents
  6. Express gratitude to teachers
  7. Remembering doctors who courageously kept the coronavirus pandemic at bay
  8. Random acts of kindness that have changed your life
  9. Showing benevolence to colleagues
  10. An academic success that changed your perspective about life
  11. Commemorating the first day you came to college
  12. Celebrating the global eradication of polio
  13. Significance of a teacher in your education
  14. Honoring Your teacher With a tribute
  15. Reporting the case studies of visionary leaders in the United States
  16. Successful and inspiring environmental activism
  17. People who achieve success through hard work
  18. Selfless dedication in parents and teachers
  19. The success of your group in schoolwork
  20. Eulogy for a professor who handled a course in your university
  21. Outstanding skills learned at the time of education that will benefit your future
  22. Respect to a popular teacher who fought for education equality
  23. The best way to pay tribute to your educator
  24. Tribute to Elizabeth Blackwell and how she became the first female doctor
  25. A teacher who taught me the true meaning of discipline
  26. The value of a teacher in your education
  27. New student convocation welcome speech to classes
  28. Remembering who taught us the importance of determination in life
  29. Celebrating religious values that articulate in life and serve the lives of many
  30. Remembering the fun college times and how they made the education journey easier

Unique Commemorative Speech Ideas

  1. Contributions of George W. Bush in history
  2. Analyzing how presidents managed disasters in their country
  3. Remembering the first responder of the Twin Tower bombing
  4. A tribute to your parents and their role in you becoming the better person
  5. Role of the UN in peacemaking missions
  6. Respecting the popular philosophers who shaped our ideologies
  7. Improvements implemented by World Health Organization
  8. Celebrating the value of religion
  9. Tribute to the Front-line Workers who lost their lives while fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic
  10. Expressing gratitude to philanthropists that make the world a better place
  11. Show condolences to those martyrs who sacrificed their lives in recent Afghan suicide bombing attacks
  12. The power of small wins that often lead to a big victory
  13. Celebrate Women’s Suffrage
  14. Queen Elizabeth is an example of intelligence, strength, and talent
  15. School as a second home
  16. Acknowledging the value of health care
  17. A tribute to the moral strength with the example of a historical figure or any living person you know
  18. Value of humility in an egocentric world
  19. How to bring back the good old days
  20. Remembering the funny speeches made by great leaders
  21. Wedding toast for your mother in law
  22. Commemorate the lives lost due to the covid-19 pandemic
  23. Remembering inspiring environmental activism
  24. The Vietnam war and the veterans that stood with the country
  25. A tribute to the coach of your sports team who led you to the victory
  26. A tribute to Neil Armstrong and the winning race to the Moon
  27. Celebrating motherhood
  28. A commendation to all the Innovators Fighting Poverty and World Hunger
  29. Successful international collaboration in tackling the ozone depletion problem
  30. Celebrating Darwin’s quest for truth despite fears of blasphemy

Good Tribute Speech Ideas

  1. Tributes to the courageous soldiers who lay down their lives for their nation
  2. Tribute to women in power
  3. A tribute to people who lost their lives due to discrimination
  4. A tribute to people who suffered because of LGBTQ discrimination
  5. A tribute to people who suffered because of racism
  6. Paying tribute to non-teaching staff
  7. Celebrating the legalization of gay marriages
  8. Paying tribute to leaders that make the world a better place
  9. Tributes to human rights activists who fought for freedom
  10. A tribute to soldiers who give their lives in the service of their country
  11. A tribute to my high school teacher, who instilled in me the true meaning of teamwork
  12. Paying a tribute to a television character whose production is being stopped
  13. A tribute to the Constitution of the USA
  14. Nikola Tesla’s dreams
  15. A tribute to the pillars of modern society
  16. My gratitude to single mothers on Mother’s Day Celebrations day
  17. Commemorating the day you met your future husband or wife
  18. Celebrating your journey to becoming the best-selling author
  19. Celebrate the values of the Hindu religion
  20. Speech on paying tribute to any famous personality
  21. Speech of gratitude to veterans from the Yale fellowship
  22. Inspiring examples of loyalty from family, classmates, friends, war comrades or any other.
  23. Celebrate great travelers in history such as Columbus
  24. Magna Carta Libertatum Act in Britain- Birth of democracy
  25. Acceptance into College-talk about the feelings and the journey that led to receiving the acceptance letter
  26. Celebrate a job promotion for a friend
  27. A tribute to the best pet in the world
  28. A speech on children’s nursery rhymes
  29. Talk about a funny mistaken identity that had a positive outcome
  30. Pay tribute to a specific Intellectual milestone

Values Worth Talking About In A Commemorative Speech

  1. Honor
  2. Courage
  3. Bravery
  4. Hope
  5. Kindness
  6. Success
  7. Loyalty
  8. Empowerment
  9. Wisdom
  10. Beauty
  11. Self-sacrifice
  12. Dedication
  13. Hard work
  14. Leadership
  15. Seeing the good in others

After getting a good topic you may ask “can I write a commemorative speech about myself?” Yes, you can but the process is time-consuming and energy-draining. Luckily, we have experts who can write a great commemorative speech and allow you to take all the credit. Our rates are amongst the most affordable in the market and we always deliver top-notch work. 


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