How to finish ALEKS topics fast and easy: Handy ways to succeed

How to finish ALEKS topics fast and easy: Handy ways to succeed

ALEKS is an online tutoring and assessment platform. It comprises the study of four main courses: Mathematics, Business, Statistics and Chemistry. The platform's contents are ideal for offering online teaching to high school and K-S levels. 

Have you ever enrolled on an ALEKS course and faced a problem completing its topics? If so, you are in the right place. This article intends to discuss valuable tips to help you finish ALEKS topics fast and easy. They will also be instrumental in helping you pass your ALEKS topics with flying colours.

How does ALEKS work?

ALEKS uses artificial intelligence to precisely evaluate what a student knows, does not know and their readiness to learn in a particular course. 

So, when you log in as a new user on ALEKS, you take the mandatory knowledge check compromising 25 to 30 questions. ALEKS chooses the questions based on your answers to the previous question. Each set of questions is unique, so you cannot predict them. 

After completing the mandatory knowledge check, ALEKS generates a pie chart demonstrating how well you know the course. The chart provides details of the topics you have mastered and those you have not. ALEKS uses the pie chart to determine the topics you will study, and once you complete a topic, the chart is automatically updated and your progress assessed.

How do you master ALEKS topics?

The first step of mastering ALEKS topics is learning the topic. It involves learning, studying and mastering the concept. Luckily, ALEKS provides the option to filter the topics you are ready to learn, especially if you want to focus on a particular area of the course or wish to review topics you learned previously. 

The second step of mastering a topic on ALEKS is tackling problems and exercises without help. This step helps you evaluate yourself and how well you have mastered the concept. 

Is there a way to skip knowledge checks on ALEKS? 

ALEKS has another feature, the timeline view, which helps evaluate the student's weekly progress and time management. The Next Knowledge Icon details when the next knowledge check will occur. Nonetheless, if you need more time to review the course, you can delay the test for 24 hours. 

How to finish ALEKS topics fast and easy

How long does it take to complete a topic in ALEKS? On average, most students commit to spending at least 40 hours to complete a topic. On the extreme, students spend 100 hours or more going through a topic.

However, this duration depends on how well the student grasps a concept and the capacity of their initial knowledge. Nonetheless, these are the steps anyone should take to save time and maximize how much they learn. They will help you finish ALEKS topics fast and easy.

1. Prepare yourself psychologically before enrolling

Enrolling on ALEKS can be demanding. It can also be demoralizing, especially with the numerous tests. Therefore, most students opt out along the way. So, it is paramount to have the right mindset before enrolling.

2. Avoid procrastinating

Procrastinating is an enemy of progress, especially with ALEKS, which has a timeline view. Procrastinating also leads to demotivation, which counters your productivity.

3. Do not cheat

Is there a way to cheat on ALEKS? Cheating is unethical and illegal in the academic community. While you can get help with your homework and assignments, you cannot cheat while appearing for an assessment. ALEKS detects when you are cheating since it is an electrical webpage.

4. Consider it an actual course

Taking an examinable online class requires you to be determined and dedicated. ALEKS courses demand the same amount of commitment. Therefore, treating them as an actual course helps you stay on track and be disciplined.

5. Accountability

The numerous knowledge checks and progress reports reflect how much you are grasping. Therefore, being accountable to yourself helps you stay determined to improve your performance. It also helps you remain focused on the goal.

6. Work on your time management skills

If you wish to score better during assessments, you ought to be good at managing your time. This enables you to spend less time mastering a concept. It also helps you devote enough time to your assignments and prepare adequately before assessments. 

Better time management helps better the quality of knowledge grasped at the end of the course. It also helps you avoid cramming before a test or class.

7. Pay attention to details

Ensure you understand the notations expected or used by the program since computers are incredibly stubborn in their entry requirements. If you do not do it the right way, ALEKS will assume you did not understand the concept and assign more work to your exercise.

8. Avoid using the "I do not know" button.

If possible, when taking an assessment, avoid clicking on the "I do not know" button. Doing so makes ALEKS assume you did not understand the concept, making you learn them again. 

9. Review your work

When logging in, did you receive a notification to review some topics? Did you know there is no penalty in reviewing a topic? However, when you use the review function, ALEKS notices that you are practising and is less likely to ask you questions about the reviewed topics during the assessment. 

The more you review related topics, the more ALEKS will probe your other knowledge and add topics to your progress pie chart. So, knowing this secret about the review function helps you have a bit of control over the scope of your assessment. It also impacts your progress pie chart positively.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. However, these tips shared above are instrumental if you are looking for secrets on how to get ALEKS done fast. Remember, ALEKS is determined to ensure a student is well conversant with concepts. So, adequate preparation is vital during the process, and it is a cocktail of all the points mentioned above. 

The best part is that ALEKS provides progress reports, and an impressive progress report is the motivation you need to commit more time and attention to your studies.

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