How to Write an Advertisement Analysis Essay Like A Pro

How to Write an Advertisement Analysis Essay Like A Pro

Traditional selling tactics of using rational thoughts no longer work. Nowadays, an advertisement that motivates the reader or viewer to take intended action stimulates emotion. Thus knowing how to write an advertisement analysis essay is a skill that every business/marketing student must master before they graduate. So how do you write an advertising analysis? Use this comprehensive post as a guide. 

How to Write an Ad Analysis Essay

A teacher assigns an advertisement analysis essay because they want to gauge your ability to analyze a specific ad and how you give your opinion on its impact on the audience. The instructor will also use the essay to check your writing skills. 

High marks will only be awarded to students who produce content that meets the assignment's academic standards and grading criteria. Thus it’s essential to follow the correct structure and come up with an error-free task. Listed below are the steps to writing an ad analysis essay like an expert. 

Analyze a Specific Ad

While there are several ads to analyze for an essay, often, a teacher will allow the student to choose one. In such a case, you can look through a newspaper or your favorite magazine to find a specific ad to write about. The problem that comes with the freedom to choose one type is that you might find the process of sorting through hundreds of ads exhausting and intimidating. 

But if you choose from an ad publication from a brand you have known for many years or those you find interesting, it will make the writing process more manageable. So select an advertisement you understand and that which you have ample background information on as it will save time on the research process. Knowing the parts of an advertisement and advertising techniques will help produce a thorough analysis and write an informative essay. So what are the 5 parts of an advertisement?

  1. A catchy headline
  2. Relatable images, identifiable color scheme, and packaging to grab consumer interest
  3. Selling the benefits
  4. A clear call to action
  5. A memorable slogan

When analyzing the ad, look at specific factors such as the Ads target audience, message, language, graphics, cultural significance, and characters. The advertisement techniques used should also be looked into. When looking at the ad, note everything that captures your attention and research to know the main idea behind the ad and any previously launched campaigns. 

Use the Introduction to Introduce the Ad

After choosing a specific ad:

  1. Use the introduction to provide background information on the product or service presented in the advertisement.
  2. Next provide a brief analysis of the ad history, state why the ad is better than others, and mention the target audience.
  3. Mention the ad's prominent features.

If you’re having difficulties coming up with a catchy first paragraph, read a well-written ad analysis essay example from our experienced writers. The samples will give you a clue on which information to include in the introduction and the type of hooks appropriate for this type of essay.

Include a Thesis Statement 

Use the thesis to state what your essay will focus on and what the ad is doing in terms of how it functions or achieves its goal. Your thesis statement should include the message in the ad, whether it’s explicit or implicit. 

Ensure the thesis is the last sentence in the introduction. From the thesis statement, the reader should know your focal point before reading the rest of the essay. Not everyone will agree with the message for the ad you’ve chosen to analyze. However, ensure the claim made about the ad's message is arguable, then support it with credible sources throughout the body section. 

State One Point Per Paragraph

Each paragraph in the body section should represent one main point. For instance, you can use one section to talk about the creativity of the ad and another paragraph to discuss the techniques the ad uses to capture attention. 

Advertisers want to capture attention and ensure the ad is memorable. So use the body to discuss how the attention-grabbing techniques influence your view of the product and whether it motivates consumers to take a specific action. 

For example, did the sales rise that year, or did the company register a massive profit after unveiling the advertisement? Ensure each paragraph points back to the thesis statement. What are 4 advertising techniques can you talk about in your essay?

  1. Repetition
  2. Storytelling
  3. Endorsements or featuring celebrities
  4. Emotional persuasion vs. appeal to reason

Overall, the body should analyze the advertisement and use facts, statistics, examples, or research to prove how the ad caused a particular outcome. For example, you can quote any emotional language used. The body of your analyzing advertisements essay should further elaborate on how the strategies used work and why it was chosen for a specific audience. Ensure the paragraphs use transitions to achieve a smooth flow and include examples.

The Conclusion Part of Your Essay

Summarize what you elaborated on in the body section. Mention the thesis statement without using the same words from the introduction. State whether the ad attained its goal of persuading, entertaining, or informing the target audience. Without adding new information, use one last sentence to give the reader something to think about.

Bottom Line

The elements to include in an advertisement analysis essay are similar to those of a standard essay. The essay will be structured to have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Topic sentences will start every paragraph, and the introduction will end with a thesis statement. However, the content of the essay will primarily focus on the advertisement and analysis of it. 

When you are familiar with the advertised product or service it makes the writing process smooth. Use the steps given above, and your ad analysis essay will be a successful one. However, if you’re not good at writing an advertisement analysis essay, you might submit a low-quality task if you attempt it yourself. But if you allow our subject experts to work on your essay, you have a better chance of understanding the components to include and handing in a top-notch academic task.

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