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Often chemical reactions keep on taking place around us. For instance, anytime you light up a candle a chemical reaction occurs. Whenever we are mixing flour and baking powder a chemical reaction takes place also. You will note that some reactions occur too fast, others produce heat, whereas others do not. This can be further explained in physical chemistry. The same we cannot do away with physical chemistry in our daily lives in the same way you cannot avoid it in class. Professors will never cease to allot you with endless physical chemistry assignment. However, you don’t have to be stressed trying to solve complicated content. Here, you will get physical chemistry help.

Physical chemistry

Just as the name suggests, this is a field in chemistry that combines the principles of physics and chemistry. It is used in studying the properties and physical characteristics of molecules. The major concept studied in physical chemistry is molecules. As you know molecules are components that have been formed after the bonding of two or more atoms. It is not easy to understand the physical characteristics of molecules as well as identifying atoms present in each molecule. Moreover, you will be expected to explain how different atoms combine to form a molecule. This proves that even the basic concepts of physical chemistry are complicated. As you proceed to study physical chemistry you will have to explain the physical and chemical properties of matter. Physical chemistry syllabus is subdivided into subfields.

Subdivisions of physical chemistry

  • Photochemistry: it explains the importance of light in a chemical reaction.
  • Electrochemistry: under it, you study the interaction of electrons, ions and atoms in an electric current.
  • Spectroscopy: it’s all about effect radiation has in a chemical reaction.
  • Quantum chemistry: it’s among the main subfield studied under physical chemistry. It deals with quantum mechanics that are used to solve chemistry problems.
  • Diffraction: it provides information on the molecules’ shape.
  • Chemical kinetics: it is also among the main areas studied in the field. It explains the speed of a chemical reaction explaining if it is placed slow or fast.

Here, you will get solutions for questions from any of this field in any physical chemistry class.

Quantum chemistry help

As noted earlier, it is the main field in physical chemistry hence highly examinable. It is a field that aims to supply an extensive description of chemical processes in fundamental levels.  In most chemical processes the basic hidden theory of chemistry is offered by time-independent and time-dependent of the Schrödinger formula. This is similar to what is studied in quantum mechanics. Quantum chemistry uses quantum mechanics to do theoretical research in the chemical system. It is quite a complex concept to comprehend. Many students perceive it as a mystery. Since it will always be in the physical chemistry syllabus, can never avoid studying it. However, that will not be a problem with our physical chemistry help. We have experts who are experienced in handling questions in the area. Do not hesitate to seek our quantum chemistry help whenever given homework on the topic.

Chemistry kinetics help

As noted earlier, kinetics explains the speed of a reaction. Under kinetics, you study thermodynamics to explain the feasibility of a chemical reaction. The rate of the reaction can be explained as instant or one that takes a time interval. This depends on factors like temperature and catalysts. We have a specialist who can help you answer physical chemistry thermodynamics assignment questions. We have already dealt with some topics in the field. Such as:

  • Collusion theory to explain the rate of reaction.
  • Differentiating between molecularity and order of a chemical reaction.
  • The instantaneous and average rate of reaction.
  • Rate equations and rate constants for a different ordered reaction.
  • Distinguishing between complex and elementary complex reaction.

The above are just a few of what we have tackled we can handle much more if consulted. Do not let kinetics trouble you. Let our experts do your homework and help you score good grades in chemistry.

Our physical chemistry help

A lot of details are studied in physical chemistry. This leads to an increase in physical chemistry problems. You do not have to experience trouble trying to handle any topic. Our physical chemistry help is important because it is a chemistry field that has many details that require a lot of research work. You do not have time to go through various chemistry sources. Let our professionals assist you.

We leave in a world surrounded by physical chemistry. That means that physical chemistry problems will never come to an end. However, this should not trouble you because here at you will always get physical chemistry help.

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