100+ Compelling Topics For History Research Paper Assignment

100+ Compelling Topics For History Research Paper Assignment
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Coming up with a good history topic to write about is often the hardest part. This is because history has a lot of facts and angles a student can focus on from medieval times, world war, civil war, American revolution, art, music, and so much more. So what are some good historical topics to write about? Here is a comprehensive list of good history topics and questions. 

World History Topics for Research Paper 

Do you have a paper due in a few hours, yet you keep asking what are some good historical topics to write about? Check out these topics. 

  1. The impact of apartheid on black South Africans
  2. Wedding ceremonies in ancient Rome
  3. The Mexican-American war and its unforgettable consequences
  4. The Rise and fall of the Eastern Empire
  5. The world’s longest-reigning monarchs
  6. The most powerful monarch in the world
  7. The hundred year’s war and its impact on France and England
  8. Social, political, and economic causes of the french revolution
  9. Explore the events that led to the withdrawal of the US forces from Vietnam
  10. The Thirty Years' War: the most destructive war in Europe
  11. Spain and England in the battle of the seas
  12. The Cold War rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union
  13. Social relationships in Medieval Europe
  14. The kings of ancient Egypt
  15. The Abbasid Caliphate and why it’s called the age of Muslim enlightenment
  16. The fall of the Roman Empire
  17. Why the Han period considered the golden age in Chinese history
  18. The Byzantine emperor Justinian's impact on the legal system and religion
  19. Events led to the division of the Roman Empire into the Western and Eastern
  20. Comparison of battle tactics between the Samurai and knights
  21. The main causes of the french revolution
  22. The renaissance and its impact on the modern world
  23. The Vikings and their conquest in the Mediterranean and Europe
  24. The gender roles of the middle ages and how they compare with the modern era
  25. The exploration and colonization of South America
  26. The origins and characteristics of the bipolar world term
  27. Japanese Revolution and the Meiji Restoration in Japan
  28. The events that caused the fall of the Western Roman Empire
  29. Jewish tribes and kingdoms of the Bronze Age
  30. How the Iraq and Afghanistan wars impact the USA’s economy

Interesting History Research Paper Topics

  1. The rise of Feudalism and samurais, their role in Sengoku Jidai, and the abolition of this warrior class in the modern era
  2. Significant events from the Ottoman Empire
  3. Immigration in the late 1800s
  4. How did the Egyptian belief in the afterlife affect its religious ideas, ceremonies, and practices?
  5. Role of the Mormons in American society development
  6. The Whiskey Rebellion in 1794
  7. Women in the Renaissance
  8. Native American's unique culture
  9. The trading routes of the Renaissance period
  10. Jewish resistance during the Holocaust
  11. The most important monarchs of ancient Egypt
  12. Women in Colonial America: their rights and roles
  13. What were the main causes of the American Revolution and how did it become a success?
  14. The Battle of Hastings and how it affected life in England
  15. In what ways do the philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle reflect Ancient Greek society?
  16. Yellow journalism and the Spanish-American War
  17. The role of politics in the spread of Christianity across Europe
  18. Color psychology in the works of Kazimir Malevich
  19. The most prominent queens of ancient Egypt
  20. Gladiatorial Games in Ancient Rome

Good History Research Topics

  1. Japanese history and the role of Shogun
  2. The significance of Greek architecture: To what extent did their early designs influence future generations and civilizations?
  3. How did the Mississippi River Flood of 1927 affect life in the South?
  4. Discuss the overall significance of mythology to Ancient Greece.
  5. JFK and the Cuban missile crisis
  6. The History of Islamic Jihadists
  7. Hiroshima and Nagasaki events
  8. Schooner Nancy in the War of 1812
  9. The Vietnam War, its causes, and consequences
  10. The relevance of Abbey Church of St. Denis in Gothic architecture
  11. To what extent was Plato influenced by Socrates in his philosophical views?
  12. Discuss the role of women in Ancient China. To what extent did their role differ from other ancient civilizations?
  13. Money and its uses in the Ancient Greek world
  14. How did Ancient Greece sculptures influence modern art?
  15. The ideas of Communism and their influence on the world
  16. Rise of the Dutch republic
  17. American women writers in the American Revolution
  18. Women Civil Rights in 18th century France
  19. Smothering Women’s Independence under the guise of the Salem Witch Trials
  20. Louis XVI, the Palace Of Versailles, and the French Revolution

US History Research Paper

  1. The Abolitionist movement
  2. German-American immigration in 1854-1894
  3. Causes and results of the Mexican War
  4. Civil rights movement in the 1960s
  5. The Cuban missile crisis
  6. Women’s suffrage movement
  7. The Underground Railroad
  8. Immigrants and their ideas of the American dream
  9. Mormons and their impact on American society development
  10. The Dawes Act, impact on the United States and Native American policy
  11. Discuss why My Lai Massacre was an American atrocity
  12. Compare views on the feminism of Wollstonecraft and martin Luther King
  13. African American soldiers during the war
  14. Tobacco trade in early American colonies
  15. The role of the United States during World War 2
  16. Industrialization of French photography after 1860
  17. Psychiatric methods in early 1900s America
  18. Japanese Americans in WWII
  19. African American Women in Art and Literature
  20. Political Theories of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

History Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Discuss factors that contributed to the colonies winning the American Revolution
  2. Alexander Hamilton’s role in the revolutionary war
  3. The impact the Underground Railroad had on the civil war
  4. Impacts of the industrial revolution on the working class
  5. Review of the cold war and hot war
  6. What did France lose because of Louisiana’s purchase?
  7. The Appomattox Campaign
  8. What contributed to making Paris a center of art in the 20th century?
  9. The role of Schooner Nancy in the 1812 war
  10. The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863
  11. Examine the Petrarchan madrigals of the 16th century
  12. The Mongols and globalization
  13. Look at the commercial exchange, diplomacy, and religious difference between Venice and the Islamic states
  14. The influence of the industrial revolution on public education
  15. The Treaty of Versailles in the WWI

Students that are asking what are good history research questions? Or what topics can be included in historical research? Should use this post to find unique history research topics and questions to write about. But how do I choose a research topic in history? Choose a topic that you have ample background information on and where your interest lies. If you have a topic but don’t feel like writing a history paper count on our experts to help you are an affordable price. 


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