Can Moodle Detect Cheating, Check for Plagiarism? How Does It Work?

Can Moodle Detect Cheating, Check for Plagiarism? How Does It Work?

No teacher wants to administer an online test only to discover that a student cheated. However, in rare cases, this is meant to happen. Nevertheless, there are ways to combat such incidences, and one of them is by using Moodle. So, can Moodle detect cheating or check for plagiarism, and how does it work? Read on for more details.

Moodle is an open-source learning management system that most educational institutions use to monitor their online learning. It lets the tutor structure their lessons into modules that students could use and work on at their own pace. Moodle is as effective as other educational systems and is easy to use.

How Does Moodle Work?

Moodle helps detect cheating and plagiarism in a test. It works by flagging content that has been copied from other websites. It also detects screen switching during an exam. But, does Moodle detect abnormal behaviour during an exam?

Moodle can detect cheating during an online exam. It has inbuilt tools like lockdown browser, proctoring browser and plagiarism scanning to prevent cheating. An instructor applies these tools separately or incorporates them as plugins. Therefore, if they are not integrated, Moodle is not likely to detect cheating in an online test.

Moodle works in the following ways:

1. Using Plagiarism Scanners Like Turnitin

Does Moodle check for plagiarism? You could incorporate Turnitin into Moodle to detect plagiarism. Turnitin is a reliable software that detects plagiarized work to determine the originality of the answers provided in a test. It also detects grammatical errors. It works by flagging duplicate content.

When Turnitin detects similarities, it reveals that the student used a shortcut by copying text from a source and pasting it as their own. As such, the student lacks integrity.

Turnitin is a procedural software; therefore, it requires the user to install a premium version for accurate results. It works by generating a report indicating the plagiarized work.

2. Moodle Proctoring Plugin

Are Moodle exams proctored? Moodle allows you to have proctoring plugins. When invigilating proctored exams, the proctored software monitors a student's webcam video, computer desktop and audio throughout the exam period. It uses the proctored software to record data and transfers it to the proctoring service for assessment.

Before a student takes the proctored test, they must install the proctoring software on their computer. Furthermore, they are required to verify their identity by taking a webcam photo.

The webcam scans the examination room and any other running software on the computer as the student takes their exam. It streams the data to the proctoring software through the cloud.

Examiners detect any cheating by reviewing this data.

3. By Using a Lockdown Browser

The lockdown browser is another plugin you could integrate into Moodle. It is a software that deters examination cheating by using the webcam to monitor the examination session.

So, can Moodle access your camera? Yes, a plugin like lockdown browser allows Moodle to access your camera.

As students sit the examination, the lockdown browser provides all the visual ratings. It detects the likeliness that the student behaviour looks fishy. The ratings determine whether you should revisit the video to confirm whether the student was involved in examination irregularities.

Lockdown browser is an effective software to integrate into Moodle, especially for online examinations.

Can Moodle Detect Split Screen?

Yes, it can. However, this feature is only available in the case of a plugin or software incorporated. For instance, a proctoring software like lockdown browser will reveal a split screen.

Does Moodle Track Your Activity?

If it is a proctored test and the proctoring software has been installed, a supervisor can use Moodle to see what a student can access. As a tutor, you can review what your students were checking even after finishing the exam.

Can You Cheat in Moodle?

Moodle is a reliable software that detects any form of examination malpractices. However, it is effective when other software and plugins are incorporated. Software such as lockdown browser offers extra deterrence against examination cheating. They also prevent the student sitting the exam from accessing unauthorized URLs during the examination period.

Can Moodle Detect My Screen Activities?

A proctoring software enables Moodle to detect all screen activities. Therefore if a student attempts to switch tabs, the examiner will eventually know. It also keeps a log of all the tabs opened during the examination period.

What Can Professors See on Moodle Tests?

What professors see on Moodle tests depends on the type of software incorporated. For instance, if they include proctoring software in the system, they can see the student as they take the examination. Therefore, they can spot any changes in their body language to indicate examination malpractices.

If you are a tutor and has been stressing about monitoring your students during a test, these options and hacks are the way to go. You will be surprised by how easy it is to invigilate a test. Some of the aforementioned software might require you to part with extra coins, but they make your job easier.

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