How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay Updated Guide

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay Updated Guide
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How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay Updated Guide

Most students avoid critical thinking essays because of how demanding they are. However, understanding the basics and tips of tackling this kind of essay could make the process less daunting. This updated guide explains how to go about the process.

What Is Critical Thinking in Your Own Words?

Critical thinking refers to the process of skillfully conceptualizing and analyzing, and evaluating information obtained through experience or observation before taking action. It involves studying the subject with clarity, precision and reasoning. So, how do you write a critical essay?

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

Why is critical thinking important? A critical analysis essay demonstrates your understanding of the subject and how much research you have conducted. How well you articulate your arguments depends on the depth of your research. There are two critical stages of writing this kind of essay, the reading stage and the writing stage. 

The reading stage reflects how well you read and understood the subject, while the writing stage focuses on how good you are at articulating your points. These tips will help you stay on track if you are unsure about how to write a critical thinking essay.

1. Read Thoroughly and Carefully

Before writing your essay, ensure you understand the topic you chose. If your instructor gave you the liberty to select critical thinking essay topics, ensure to go for the one you are conversant with. It is also paramount to choose a topic you can form strong arguments on.

2. Choose a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement forms the argument of your critical thinking paper. The thesis statement anchors the rest of the essay. Your thesis statement should present your point of view that you can back up with strong arguments. 

3. Write an Introductory Paragraph

The introduction of your essay on critical thinking should be excellent enough to encourage the reader to read the rest of your paper. The best introductions start with hooks such as a bold statement or a rhetorical question. Your introduction should also include details of the work of art or book you are analyzing. 

The perfect introduction concludes with the thesis statement.

4. Carefully Organize the Body of Your Essay

After the introduction and briefing the reader about your critical thinking essay, divide your paper into paragraphs. Every paragraph should highlight a specific argument. The body paragraphs should support the thesis statement. 

The number of paragraphs varies depending on the scope of your research and the required word limit in the prompt. 

5. Craft Clear Topic Sentences

When arguing your points in the body paragraphs, introduce them in topic sentences. The topic sentence should be the first sentence of the paragraph, and it should offer a concise summary of the argument. The rest of the paragraph should explain your point of view in depth.

6. Populate Your Essay With Evidence

The main body of your essay should include evidence to convince your reader to understand and support your point of view. Making statements cannot do that. Therefore, include evidence and support material obtained from your research and reading.

7. Summarize Your Analysis in a Concluding Paragraph

The conclusion is the final paragraph that determines whether the reader supports you or not. Wrap up the conversation by recapping the points in the body paragraphs and giving your last remarks. Do not introduce new arguments or support material in this section.

8. Revise as Necessary

After coming up with the draft, go through it to ensure it is flawless and all your facts are correct. When going through a critical thinking paragraph example, ask yourself whether the arguments accurately represent your point of view. Ensure to confirm the citations are correct. Ensure your work has no grammatical errors.

9. Write a Final Draft

After the self-analysis, you can proceed to write the final draft. Ensure to re-read it before handing it in.

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