How to Write Good Conclusion Sentences - Best Writing Guide With Examples

How to Write Good Conclusion Sentences - Best Writing Guide With Examples

An essay's conclusion is as crucial as its introduction. It serves to prompt the reader that the writing has come to an end. Therefore, the tone should exude and reaffirm the arguments presented in the essay's body. These key points cost most students significantly when writing their essays. As a result, these details on how to write a good conclusion are essential and might go a long way in helping you improve your essay writing skills.

A conclusion alerts the reader that they should not expect more new information regarding the topic. It should also prompt the reader to relate the arguments provided to the subject in question. An essay's conclusion should also invoke the reader to a call for action. These key points serve as the basis of how to write good concluding sentences. Therefore, stay put as we decipher the best ways of doing so and examples of how to come up with a winning conclusion.

What Are Good Conclusion Sentences?

At this point, you could be confused about differentiating between a concluding paragraph and a conclusion sentence. But first, What are the 3 sentences in a conclusion? A conclusion is the final paragraph of your essay or speech. It contains the topic sentence, supporting sentences and the concluding sentence. The concluding sentence is the last sentence is every paragraph of your speech or essay.

A concluding sentence should indicate that you have finished explaining a point. A reader should pinpoint the key points based on the concluding sentence. A good concluding sentence should not include any information not mentioned in the paragraph.

It is paramount to have conclusion sentences at the end of every body paragraph when writing your essay.

Concluding Sentence Examples

You might have come across several guides on how to write the perfect conclusion, but none on good conclusion sentences and how to write them. These examples highlight the key points to observe when writing the ideal concluding sentence:


When writing your concluding sentence, you should:

  • Paraphrase the topic sentence.
  • Wrap up your paragraph.
  • Use a transition word to indicate the end of your paragraph.

When writing your final sentence, you should refrain from:

  • Copying the topic sentence as it is.
  • Introducing a new topic.
  • Focusing on a small idea.

Starting the sentence with phrases such as "That is the reason...", "And now you know...", "That is what I learned about..." or "And that is why..."

Instead, these are the best conclusion sentence starters you could consider using:

  • Thus
  • Lastly
  • Clearly
  • Finally
  • Overall
  • Therefore
  • In general
  • Ultimately
  • Nevertheless
  • As a result
  • As expressed
  • In summary
  • To summarize
  • To sum up
  • In conclusion
  • For this reason
  • In my opinion
  • Now that you know
  • All things considered
  • In the final analysis
  • Given these points
  • In drawing to a close
  • With all this in mind
  • In light of this information
  • Upon considering all the facts
  • When faced with the question of
  • The logical conclusion seems to be
  • What else can we conclude but that
  • When considered from the perspective of
  • What other conclusion can we draw from
  • Upon exploring the situation from multiple perspectives

Conclusion for a Research Essay

Research papers a more detailed essays since they present findings and evidence on a particular study. Therefore, the concluding sentence focuses on the main findings and their implications.

These are the concluding sentence starters for research papers and essays:

  • As a result
  • The data reveal
  • In the final analysis
  • What we now know is
  • Data seems to indicate
  • As indicated by the data
  • In light of these results
  • The data clearly indicate
  • What this study reveals is
  • Upon analyzing the data
  • To extrapolate from the data
  • With results like these, it seems
  • Upon review of these findings
  • In the context of x, it seems that
  • Based on the evidence presented
  • Surprisingly, the data revealed
  • As expected, the results indicate
  • While these results seem to indicate
  • While further study is warranted
  • While additional research is needed
  • Based on the results of this study, it seems
  • Based on what is known at this point in time
  • The results of this study demonstrate
  • The major revelation from this study is
  • The results of this study seem to indicate

Less Formal Conclusion Sentences

How do you write a good conclusion? If your writing or speech is less formal, you could include these conclusion starters in your final sentence:

  • In simple terms
  • In a nutshell
  • On the whole
  • As I see things
  • To wrap this up
  • To cut to the chase
  • What I think is
  • Who knew that
  • The time has come
  • My personal take on
  • At the end of the day
  • What it boils down to
  • What it boils down to
  • What I believe to be true
  • To plainly state the facts
  • To cut a long story short
  • What are we to think about
  • When all is said and done
  • In case you have wondered
  • Beyond a shadow of a doubt
  • After all has been said and done
  • To get to the heart of the matter
  • Without all the mumbo jumbo

What Is an Example of a Concluding Sentence?

This example is about a college entrance essay presented by a student. This writer remembers how she used to sit in an armchair in her parent's house, reading her favourite novel. In the conclusion paragraph, she refers to the armchair and cosy experience as part of her process of finding her niche.

To say that I have found myself would be a lie. Unlike the world of fantasy, there is no defining moment. My niche would constantly change, although the one thing that has stood out is my commitment to exploring life's adventures despite my parents' cosy armchair.

In this example, the first sentence is the concluding sentence starter, and it alerts the reader that the essay is coming to a close. The writer does not introduce a new point but instead draws a relationship between their point and the topic sentence.

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