Professional Research Paper Editing

What is Research Editing?

Research paper editing or research editing refers to the process of proofreading a research paper and ensuring it is 100% error-free. It is an integral part of any excellent research writing process.

Why Research Paper Editing is Crucial 

After the research writing process, a student must edit their paper. The benefit of doing this is:

  1. It helps get rid of language, spelling, formatting, and grammar errors that could lower the quality of the paper.
  2. It helps in boosting the credibility of one’s document.
  3. It boosts the confidence of the writer since they get to submit an error-free document that they are confident will not be sent back for revision.

Primary Mistakes Students Make in Research Paper Editing

There typical mistakes most students make when they are editing research papers include: 

  1. Editing at the last moment. Proofreading at the last minute does not guarantee one adequate time to conduct an in-depth analysis of their work.
  2. Lack of verifying facts. Most students believe that editing only entails looking at the punctuation and grammatical errors. Thus, they forget to double-check the information they have provided.
  3. Trusting their editing abilities too much despite the knowledge that they are not so good at this. In case you do not have a keen eye for errors, always feel free to ask for proofreading help from professional editors, friends, or relatives.
  4. Failure to verify the formatting rules. A student must check to see if their research paper has followed all the laws of the writing style they used. Double-check the in-text citations and the references.
  5. Failure to check if they have met all the paper requirements. Instructors are very ken when during marking. The first thing they check to see is if one’s research paper met all the elements they provided. So, also verify to see if you followed all your assignment requirements.
  6. Proofreading their research paper immediately after the research paper writing process. Writing a research paper is tedious. Therefore, by the time one is done, they are tired and have no keen eye to spot the errors. The research paper editing process thereby proves to be overwhelming.
  7. Rushing through the editing phase. Thorough editing takes time and should not be rushed.

How to Edit a Research Paper Like a Pro

If you want to edit a research paper professionally, then here are the primary things you need to consider:

  1. The facts: A research paper is a critical document since its findings are used to implement changes, call for a course of action, or call upon for policy changes. Therefore, it has to be accurate. Your editing process thereby, should focus on determining if the points you have given are correct. Similarly, it should also entail verifying the truth about the examples and claims in the research paper. 
  2. The structure: A research paper has a distinct structure that is classified into various sections, such as the abstract, methodology, appendix, discussion, among others. A pro editor ensures that the structuring of the research paper is accurate to create a flow of ideas.
  3. The euphony: Order of words in a research paper is vital since it denotes if there is vagueness, wordiness, or clichés. Remove all of these and ensure that your ordering is straightforward and catchy. It is possible if you start by getting rid of long and repetitive sentences.
  4. The literacy: In this category, a student needs to check for syntax mistakes, typing errors, grammatical errors, punctuation, and other mistakes.

Tips on Research Editing

If you want to edit your research paper by yourself without professional editing help, then here are some tips for you:

  1. Take a break before editing your document. It is crucial to take some time off after the research paper writing process since it makes one rejuvenate and be keener when they are now revising their work.
  2. Determine if you are confident in your editing skills. Not all writers have exceptional editing skills. It is typical and not wrong or embarrassing. If you are not satisfied in your revising power, always consult professional editors and seek their professional editing help. However, if you have no time or resources to consult a pro editor, take your time, and conduct a thorough revision using these tips.
  3. Do not trust grammar checkers so much. Although grammar checkers are helpful, they, however, do not reveal all the mistakes in one’s research paper. Thus, after you use these tools, ensure you go through your work manually in search of existing errors. Check for various issues such as formatting errors, punctuation, spelling, and typos.
  4. Take your time editing the research paper. It is crucial that a student takes their time in this process rather than fly through it. The more time one spends analyzing their work, the higher the chances of spotting errors. 
  5. Read the research paper after you have edited it. Although most students see no need to read through their work after they have corrected it, it is in real sense constructive. Re-reading helps in determining if the work has changed the flow of ideas. Similarly, it helps determine if at all the main points have been altered. This will grant you an opportunity to correct them and bring back the flow to your work.

Get Professional Editing Help 

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