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What Is Social Studies And Why Is It Important?

Social studies a part of a school or college curriculum that is concerned with the study of the functioning of society and social relationships. The curriculum is usually made up of courses in anthropology, geography, sociology, civics, economics, government, civics, and history. The branches of social studies include:

  • This includes topics relating to past wars, migrations, dynasties, national as well as international history.
  • It dwells much on the world of commerce. It expounds on the ways to produce, distribute, and consume wealth individually or collectively.
  • Politics and governance are the key relevant aspects of social studies in human society.
  • It includes the origins of human society as well as the evolution of mankind.
  • This branch of social studies talks about the study of social institutions.
  • Better understood as behavioral science, it is also a crucial aspect of social studies.

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  • Social studies projects
  • Social studies theses and dissertations
  • Social studies case studies and much more

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