60+ Captivating Hook Sentence for College Essays

60+ Captivating Hook Sentence for College Essays
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 Have you ever finished an article of 500 words without knowing how that happened? If so, you were hooked. A hook sentence is an orthodox academic writing technique that still exists to date. If you are a marketer, you need this, a hook sentence demands your reader's attention, and in this article, we share tips and tricks on how to write numerous hook sentences that will make your readers addicted. Tag along in this article to find out more about a good hook for an essay?

What Is a Good Hook Sentence?

A hook sentence is the first or the second sentence of any essay that grabs a reader's attention, and it serves as an introduction as well. At acemyhomework, we focus on making your writing experience better while offering our writing expertise if need be, and we are a click away!

How Do You Write a Hook Example?

Before we dive right into some of the best hook sentence examples, let us go through a few pointers on writing one of the best hook-up standards. Below are a few pointers to put in mind:

  • Have your essay type in mind. This is the most crucial thing you need to get the perfect hook sentence. Remember, a hook is also about relevance.
  • Maintain a short hook sentence. Some readers are lazy and busy giving you less than 8 seconds to grab their attention and maintain it, so avoid putting down a hook sentence that demands 30 seconds or more to read.
  • Keep it below 11 words. Determine the purpose of your hook. What is your end goal? Is it to surprise readers or intrigue them? Select a hook based on the effects you want to obtain from your readers.
  • Keep the language simple and easy to digest. Put yourself in the reader's shoes. Would you instead go over jargon while reading to understand a simple meaning or just read the direct version of it without hustle? The answer is the latter.

What Are Some Examples of Hook Sentences?

To get readers to commit to reading your novel, essay, or any written word, you need a damn good hook sentence. There is no way around this. Here are some of the hook sentences starters under the various categories:

Question Hook.

A question hook is one you ask the readers something, they first visualize and think, and finally, the writer answers the questions.

Justice?—you get justice in the next world. In this world, you have the law. 

Is it just I, or are vacations overrated?

Having a leader in the family is impressive, but have you thought of being that leader for 30 days?

Her lover was excellent, but was I ready and willing to die for her?

Have you ever felt like you do belong?

Where's Dada going with that ax?" said Fern to her mother as they were setting the table for breakfast.

Anecdotal hook.

A writer uses a short descriptive story to relay the topic and completely grab the reader's attention. 

A piercing scream came from the sky, as a warning there was thunder and lightning that followed suit, it was not going to be a great day at all, she mumbled as she held her long skirt up ready to run, but just then she fell, and all she saw was darkness…

My morning comprised pancakes, eggs, orange juice, and an apple, but that day it was different. Mum made bacon, sausages, and eggs. It was like a mini buffet at a posh restaurant. Suddenly we all heard the tremor that knocked us out of our chairs and threw everything along with us…

Going to campus was my sister's dream. Unlike all of us who dreamt of anything but school, she was the most brilliant one, let us say, a book warmer. NYU was the major deal, and that day, we all stood there waiting for the envelop to open; that is when everything started….

A Century later, as he faced the firing squad, Lieutenant Luke remembered that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.

Thesis statement.

The method is equally effective as one uses the topic of discussion and expounds on it further to make sense of it.

The day began as usual, in the bathroom of the Massimo Lodge.

This is a tale of an encounter with two lonesome, old Asian men on a planet that was soon dying. 

Mrs. Quinter said she would get the groceries herself. 

There was a hand in complete darkness, and it held a gun.

Once upon a time, a woman discovered she had turned into the wrong person.

Lydia is dead. Nevertheless, they do not know this yet.

Someone must have slandered Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested. 

Around Barstow, the drugs began to take hold on the edge of the desert. There we were somewhere

We slumbered in what once had been the basement.

We wanted more

Dear stranger who finds this, do not blame the alcohol.

In the town, there were two mutes, and they were always together. 

Statistic hook.

This one involves some statistics that are beneficial to the essay at hand. It includes decimals, numbers, and percentages. 

He was an older man who fished in the Gulf Stream, and he had gone eighty-four days now without taking a fish.

The war in Zagreb began over a pack of cigarettes.

It was raining in Richmond on Friday, June 6.

There were seven boys and six girls on the basketball court, which made it the worst turnout to ever happen at Hook University.

Everyone in my class was at least 15 years and above. If you do not count Hellen, she was the youngest at only 13 years.

Misconception Hook.

This hook convinces your readers that something they think is unreal is real.

It was love at first sight.

All stories are love stories.

It is universally accepted that a single man possessing a great fortune must require a wife.

The moment one learns English, complications set in.

Fate always has a way of making things happen.

You had better not never tell anybody but God.

Most beautiful girls have ugly feet, and so does Mindy Metalman, Lenore notices, all of a sudden. 

Quotation Hook.

A quote explains the relevance of the topic in question, ensure that the quote is derived from a credible source and explain the meaning of the quote afterward. Remember, do not confuse the reader. There is a very slim margin.

We started dying before the snow, and we continued to fall like the snow.

It was a pleasure to burn.

Do not look for dignity in public bathrooms.

His children are falling from the sky.

Miss Suzy had that kind of beauty, which seems to be thrown into relief by poor dress.

There was never a clear line between religion and fly-fishing in my family. 

Of all the things that drive men to sea, the most common disaster, I have come to learn, is women. 

I am a camera with its shutter open, quiet, passive, recording, not thinking. 

Every summer, Lin Kong returned to Goose Village to divorce his wife, Shuyu. 

All children, except one, grow up

The past is a foreign state; things are done differently there. 

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. 

The rains had lasted now for five million years, and the reign of the terrible locusts had long since ended. 

 Mr. Francois, at fifty-six, knew that her life was ruined by literature. 

'You are full of nightmares,' Harriet tells me.

I was sure that the sky was still blue.

Personal statement.

Using lessons that you have learned affects readers as they find similarities and relate even more to such a hook.

I write this sitting on the kitchen countertop. 

There was no possibility of taking a walk that day. 

When he was fifteen, my sister Jemma got her shoulder badly broken. 

All this happened, more or less.

My sister exploded that day. 

In my selfish vulnerable years, my uncle gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my head ever since

I lost my fingers on my last trip home.

I heard the story, from different people, as generally happens in similar cases, it was different each time.

I am an invisible man. 

When I woke up, the other side of the bed was cold.

This is the saddest day I have ever heard. 

 Late winter of the year, we lived in a house in a village. The place looked across the mountains and the river. 

Anywhere but here is my favorite book all through, but I have never read it. 

 A hook sentence is a crucial part of any essay as it helps make your readers interested enough to continue reading and only realize when done. You got them hooked.


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