How to Cheat On an Online Exam - Top Creative Tricks for College Students

How to Cheat On an Online Exam - Top Creative Tricks for College Students
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How to Cheat On an Online Exam - Top Creative Tricks for College Students

Educational institutions have upped their game in ensuring students sit exams and tests on time. Despite efforts by institutions to ascertain the credibility of these tests, students take advantage of loopholes to cheat in online examinations. This article unpacks the ways how to cheat on an online test.

We do not advocate for students to cheat on tests; therefore, this article is for informational purposes only. It deciphers the creative ways that students use to cheat on tests. It focuses on tests conducted using proctor software like Google Meet and Zoom.

How to Cheat in Online Exams

Back to exams and cheating, while we do not encourage this habit, we have compiled the creative ways students use when sitting online tests. Cheating proctored exams is not as easy. Nonetheless, we have examined the different options students use.

Screen sharing with an expert

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Regarding cheating in a test, hiring an expert is one of the safest and most reliable ways of cheating in a test. It works best if the examination is not proctored.

Using technological devices

In a world controlled by technology, using technological devices to cheat during tests is no new thing. According to companies that conduct examinations, students use undetectable Bluetooth devices to cheat during online examinations. Others prefer to use their smartphones, while others use programmable scientific calculators to store data and formulae.

Screen mirroring to cheat online

Screen mirroring is another creative way students cheat in an online exam. In this case, a student uses a monitor to access the examination questions and another to reproduce the first monitor's contents and simultaneously come up with answers.

Most students prefer this method because of its effectiveness since the events happen simultaneously. However, most institutions attempt to combat screen mirroring during online exams by using webcams.


Since online tests are taken remotely, it is easy for a student to have someone impersonate them. They could do this by asking a friend to take the test on their behalf. This method is standard, especially when the student has hired an expert to sit the exam on their behalf.

However, most institutions prevent this method by providing students with ID authentication, like their face ID and biometrics, before the test.

How Can I Cheat On an Online Test Without Getting Caught?

The abovementioned methods are perfect for tests that do not involve remote proctoring. However, most institutions have resorted to proctoring methods to curb the issue. Most of them have employed proctor software such as lockdown browsers during tests.

Is cheating easy in online exams? If you are sitting a proctored exam, cheating is not as easy. Therefore, you should only resort to these methods if you are confident; otherwise, you might easily get caught.

Intercepting video feeds

Intercepting video feeds is one of the most technical methods, especially in a proctored exam. It involves blocking the proctoring software by having another program that alters the communication between your webcam software and proctoring software.

During a proctored test, the proctoring software depends on your computer's webcam to collect data on your behavior during the online examination. However, the software that intercepts video feeds has a prerecorded "virtual" webcam provided whenever the proctoring software attempts to pull a live feed from your webcam.

Software like ManyCam allows you to use this method. However, you should ensure that no one is within the prerecorded frame.

Using a Virtual Machine

This is another very technical approach for anyone looking for ways to cheat on a webcam test. It involves running two operating systems concurrently on the same computer. In this case, your PC will behave like two computers and a friend can sit in the opposite direction and take the test for you.

The trick in this method is that the webcam will run on one operating system while the test will run on the other. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being caught.

Using external projector

Can we cheat in an online exam at home? Using an external projector is another way of cheating on a proctored test. It involves using multiple monitors to mirror your main screen. Doing this ensures that the projected images face away from the webcam.

Therefore, your knowledgeable friend will be in the background, and the projected images will only be visible to the two of you. However, when using this method, you should ensure there are no unnecessary movements that might arouse suspicions.

Can Teachers Tell if You Cheat On an Online Test?

If you employ the aforementioned methods, teachers are less likely to tell you if you cheat in an online test. However, technological advancements make it more possible for them to determine examination malpractices. This article reveals the creative ways how to cheat on an online exam. If you opt to use any of these methods, be careful.

Cheating tips and tricks for online exams

There are numerous creative ways students cheat in online exams. While many people are now embracing online courses, new methods have come up in which students cheat. Here are a few tricks and tips for cheating in online proctored exams.

Prepare your working space before the online exam begins.

To cheat online, you require to be extremely careful. You need to be familiar with your environment. Why? If you are taking an online exam with a cam, you need to be able to react fast and pick a gadget or any other materials without raising the alarm or the teacher noticing.

Know your online learning platform

Knowing the online proctored exam platform you want to hack can help you manage it in a way that can help you cheat.

Carefully analyzing the proctored exam platform can help you identify gaps in the system that you can use to your benefit during the online exam.

Act without suspicions

Most online exams do not have in person supervision. The online exams, however, have cameras, and you need to conduct yourself in a way that doesn't raise suspicions.

Get expert help to cheat in your online proctored exams

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