List of 100 Top Exploratory Essay Topics for College Assignments

List of 100 Top Exploratory Essay Topics for College Assignments

An exploratory essay explores a topic in-depth without giving an opinion or drawing any conclusion. The paper examines the topic from different points of view without focusing on providing an immediate solution. The technicality of this kind of writing requires the writer to choose the best prompt, and this list of top exploratory essay topics provides the options to consider.

What Is an Exploratory Essay?

What are some good exploratory essay topics? The description of the prompt determines the topic. Besides focusing on a field you are conversant with, consider choosing a broad topic and exploring a particular subject. 

Exploratory Essay Topics for College Students

If you are a college student and are looking for an exploratory essay topic for college students, these are the options you could explore:

  1. How have interracial marriages evolved?
  2. How is adopting a fantastic way of building a family?
  3. What are the negative effects of divorce on children?
  4. Explore the evolution of terrorism.
  5. What is the ideal body image?
  6. Should single parents be given more support?
  7. What effects do two working parents have on their children?
  8. What are parents' most important roles in families?
  9. Explore the pros and cons of eating genetically modified food
  10. Which country is the world's superpower?


Good exploratory essay topics in business include:

  1. Has eBay diversified online retail?
  2. Describe the evolution of Facebook.
  3. Describe the evolution of the gambling industry.
  4. How safe is it to invest in cryptocurrencies?
  5. What are the consequences of the transition from traditional business to e-commerce?
  6. How vital is accounting in business management?
  7. Cryptocurrencies are the future. Explain.
  8. How can a modern entrepreneur flourish?
  9. Explain the impact of large corporations being exempted from business tax.
  10. Will the Bitcoin bubble eventually burst?


Educational exploratory essay topics include:

  1. What is the impact of limiting the use of technology in schools?
  2. How to effectively study for examinations.
  3. How can schools promote practical learning?
  4. Should corporal punishment be enforced in schools?
  5. How do schools determine students' behaviour?
  6. Should the government make education more affordable?
  7. Do more women attend college than men?
  8. Should schools transition into all digital workplaces?
  9. Should students pay more for education?
  10. How does coffee affect a student's concentration?

Religion and Culture

Religion and culture leave a wide array of gaps that serve as good exploratory essay topics examples. You could explore an of these:

  1. Is religion a form of escapism?
  2. How does Christianity differ from Islam?
  3. How is religion positively impact our lives?
  4. What do different religious beliefs say about the afterlife?
  5. In which countries is euthanasia accepted?
  6. How has the relevance of religion been over the past 50 years?
  7. Does Islamic religion promote violence?
  8. Explore the different cultures eating habits.
  9. Why do different religions have different gods?
  10. Explore the differences in religious practices across the world.


If you are passionate about entertainment, these are the topics you could explore when writing your essay:

  1. Are award ceremonies a scam?
  2. Are cinemas becoming irrelevant?
  3. Which is more entertaining, between theatre and film?
  4. Do films reflect modern society?
  5. Do films on violence desensitize children?
  6. How has Netflix affected the relevance of cinemas?
  7. What is the ideal length of any film?
  8. Should graphic violence and sex be featured in films or on TV?
  9. What are the health hazards of watching pornography?
  10. Are actors overpaid?

Social Life

What are 3 good topics for an essay? You could tackle any of these topics when writing your exploratory essay about social life:

  1. How is social media affecting our social lives?
  2. How has social media propelled the rise of celebrities?
  3. How have online dating sites affected the ability to communicate in relationships?
  4. How has social media affected how we make friends?
  5. How have online dating sites impacted how we form relationships?
  6. Explore modern and past parties.
  7. How has the internet impacted our daily lives?
  8. Are pubs losing their relevance?
  9. Explore social life before and after the internet.
  10. Have social media sites created a false impression of our lives?


These are the exploratory essay topics you could consider in the sports field:

  1. What is the difference between individual sport and team sports?
  2. Why are certain sports popular in certain regions?
  3. How do sporting activities improve someone's physical fitness?
  4. How do we analyze sporting greatness?
  5. Explore what it takes to jump from amateur to professional sports.
  6. Explore the role of sports in history.
  7. Explore why sporting activities are important in a child's physical and mental wellness.
  8. Explore how sporting stars have become celebrities.
  9. Between talent and training, what is important in professional sports?
  10. What psychological factors are involved in professional sports?


Exploratory essay examples relating to health include:

  1. How does dieting impact mental health?
  2. Can working out become addictive?
  3. How does your health change with age?
  4. What are the pros and cons of cigarette smoking?
  5. Explore the stigma in mental health.
  6. How important is exercising daily in someone's overall health?
  7. Why are lifestyle diseases more prevalent?
  8. How beneficial is keeping a household pet to your health?
  9. Explore the alternative regimens for treating mental health illnesses.
  10. Does dieting help overcome mental barriers?


If environmental issues are your forte, these are some of the topics and prompts you could consider:

  1. How is plastic pollution damaging our environment?
  2. Is pollution reaching a tipping point?
  3. Why is global warming a severe world issue?
  4. Is it morally irresponsible to ignore global problems?
  5. What is the most significant current world problem?
  6. Can one person make a difference in saving the environment?
  7. How is deforestation reducing our oxygen and wildlife habitats?
  8. Melting polar ice caps could result in increased tides and flooding
  9. Can one government solve a world problem, or does it require global cooperation?
  10. Is one person truly able to make a difference?


Exploratory research questions and topics about technology could include:

  1. Can artificial intelligence teach better than human beings?
  2. Is artificial intelligence ethical?
  3. Explore the impact of the use of smartphones on the ability to communicate through speech.
  4. Do televisions cause the reduction of mental capacity?
  5. Does social media cause an invasion of privacy?
  6. How will virtual reality impact our future?
  7. How is technology affecting employment opportunities?
  8. Does technological advancement promote laziness?
  9. How will self-driving cars affect people's driving abilities?
  10. Are game consoles limiting our children's development?

How do you start an exploratory essay?

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