Who am I Essay Writing Guide for 2021- Tips, Titles, Outline, Examples

Who am I Essay Writing Guide for 2021- Tips, Titles, Outline, Examples

Who am I Essay Writing Guide for 2021- Tips, Titles, Outline, Examples

Ever thought you'd find yourself researching how to write the who am I essay? Well, there are millions of students asking the same question, and our updated guide will give you the essential tips on how to go about writing a winning essay.

Everything You Should Know About Who Am I Essay

For starters, this paper's goal is to understand a student's personality, what they like, and their ambitions in life. It is mainly examined by school admission boards such as colleges and high schools. Scholars are expected to showcase why they deserve admission; hence the paper needs to be well-thought-out and presented.

Ideally, all individuals are unique, and when tasked with this essay, students need to think of reasons that make them stand out. Whereas you should share facts when writing the article, you need to think of remarkable things. Remember, normal is boring, and you are competing against thousands of applicants. Therefore, think creatively. After all, you want to capture your readers' attention.

Some great taglines when writing who am I college essay include:

  • I am confident of my attention to detail skills.
  • I believe I'm an empath, and I would bring value to your community service projects.
  • I am passionate about extra-curricular activities, and I even presented my high school in the Texas Annual Regional Swimming Gala.
  • I want to become a seasoned journalist, and joining this school would help me achieve my ambition.
  • Growing up in foster care has given me so much hope in getting a good education, and all I want is to make my parents proud when I finally graduate from university and get a job.

Who Am I Essay Format

Considering this essay is a deal-breaker for many application statuses, students need to give it their best shot. Who am I essay requires a standard format which includes:

  • Outline
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion.

Outline- Who am I essay outline plays a significant role in helping students align their thoughts chronologically. 

Introduction- It should be captivating in a manner that lures your readers into reading the rest of the paper. So how do I start an essay who am I? It would be best if you thought of an exciting topic. Consider ideas that are inclined to empathy, controversy or trendy things. Be sure to personalize your experience explicitly.

Body- Remember your outline? This is where it comes in handy. Every idea identified in the outline will be narrated in the body of your essay as a new paragraph.

Conclusion- The conclusion of your essay should be straightforward and provide a seamless transition to the end.

Tips for Writing Who am I Essay

What person do you write essays in? This is undoubtedly the most common question when students are required to write a personal essay. Whereas formal reports discourage the use of I, we, they, this assignment involves personalization.

Here are the tips for writing the essay:

  • Be truthful in the information you relay
  • Conform to the expected word count
  • Use the first and second person pronoun i.e. I, we, they
  • Read and understand the instructions
  • Check out the samples online

Who Am I Essay Examples

If you are trying to find inspiration on how I get myself to write an essay, here are a few samples to help get you started:

Example 1

Having anger issues since I was a child has always had a significant toll on my early years. I never made friends, and people would refer to me as the lone ranger. They never knew how much my esteem got bruised every time they made fun of my personality. If only one person would try to understand me from a deeper perspective, I believe I wasn't a bad person. 

Seeing my dad drunk and abusive to both mom and me damaged me in every ounce of my being. I was such a wreck, and my hatred for men was impeccable. I would always wonder why our neighbours said or did nothing whenever we shouted for help. In return, my hatred continued to develop for not just men but society. By the time I was joining an elementary school, my human touch had been broken, and all I knew was to fight for what I wanted. This always got me reprimanded all the time. 

My esteem was so shaken, and by the time I rediscovered a better life, I had been laughed at, bullied and even orchestrated. Gladly today, I am a motivational speaker, and I always urge people to be their brother's keeper. Don't ever judge people based on what you see. It'd be a lot nicer to show kindness to people. You never know how much it means until you learn the burden that people carry with them.

Example 2

I went through difficult situations as a student in my former years in senior school, but I learned how to overcome them. Being in the last position in class and your parents being called for improvement meetings was not always easy. Although my parents kept encouraging me, I was always so hard on myself. What I didn't know at that time was that progress takes time. 

Yes, I'd improve from a D to a D+, but I kept telling myself that it was never good enough. When I got to the C, I wanted a B. I did manage to get an award for the most-improved student. But looking back, I wish I appreciated myself every time I made a small win. I have learned that growth is steady, and we should be kind to ourselves in every situation as we excel for better grades. 

Who am I essay is one of the most straightforward assignments. The trick is in knowing how to go about writing it. Fortunately, our updated guide is an excellent place to get you started. Besides, our samples will equally give you helpful insights on how to go about it. 

Still, should you feel the need for extra assistance, we have a team of dedicated professionals who will help make your work easier. Get in touch with us and experience a stress-free academic life. 

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